Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tea Time Tuesday: Lemon and Ginger from TeaPigs

For Tea Time today, I thought I'd share what I'm drinking at the moment, which is, "Lemon and Ginger" from TeaPigs. This is my first cup of tea in nearly a week, and it is delicious! I had to go on a bit of a tea hiatus when my doctors adjusted and changed some of the medication recently. (On that note, please excuse the lack of recent posts, I've been quite sick.) 

Onto the tea though! This is a delicious herbal infusion of lemon and ginger. It's not too tart from the lemon, nor is it too spicy from the ginger. The balance of both form the perfect flavor combination. This is a light enough tea to enjoy any time of the day. Since it's herbal and caffeine-free, I'm enjoying this one at 4:00am, hoping it will lull me back to sleep soon. ;) 

I let this steep for approximately 8 minutes before drinking. I like to steep my herbals a bit longer for more kick. The ingredient list includes whole forms of: ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel, and licorice root. 

The little box you see included in the picture is a mini sample. I purchased a sampler set from their website several months ago when I wanted to try out the brand. TeaPigs teas come in tea temples (pyramids) and contain whole leaf vs ground, for more flavor. Although I can see the convince in the tea temples if you don't want to fuss over loose-leaf, I do however wish they would also offer their blends in loose-leaf tins as well for those of us who prefer loose-leaf. (I will dedicate a future Tea Time post to the reasons I prefer loose-leaf, vs bags or temples.) 

If you're looking for a well balanced, flavorful herbal blend though, and enjoy the convince of tea pyramids/temples, then I'd really recommend, "Lemon and Ginger" from TeaPigs. Also, I had a very good experience with both shipping and the company in general, so I find them to be an excellent company! Some, not all of their teas are also available in Fresh Market, if you have one near you. 

Items mentioned in this post:

-Tea is from TeaPigs (I ordered from their US website.)
-Frog mug is from Pier 1 imports 
-Tea bag holder is from DLpottery's Etsy page

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