Wednesday, October 22, 2014


(This is a repost. Apparently I drafted it up back in August, but it didn't publish properly, so I wanted to share it now. :) )

This week was our "Staycation Week", so I thought I'd share a little of that on my blog. Nick had some vacation time that needed to be used (use it or lose it hours), so he took the week off and we've enjoyed spending some extra time together. His work schedule can be hectic, so it's nice getting to enjoy a laid back week together. 

The last time I saw my GI specialist, he changed 6 of the medicines I was on in an attempt to end the current flair that I'm in, which keeps me at home a lot.  (That number is not a typo). Needless to say, adjusting to new medicine and changing out old things can be extremely taxing. Since I haven't felt well, we decided a Staycation was a good idea instead of going somewhere away from home. We thought it would be fun to watch movies, enjoy some restaurants as a nice treat, and just do the simple things we enjoy together. 

These are some of the things we enjoyed this week. Mostly wondering around local shops, and enjoying a few restaurants together. :)

-On Saturday, we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Of course, we got breakfast for dinner! We also had fun exploring their gift shop. All of their Halloween displays are out now, and they are adorable!

On Sunday, we celebrated my Mom's birthday with my mom, aunt, Nick, and I. We all had a good time! While we were there, my mom also gave me my birthday gift too since I hadn't seen her since before my birthday. It was a beautiful, vintage movie add for, "Breakfast at Tiffany's. "(One of my favorite movies!). I'm a bit gutted that I absolutely forgot to take birthday pictures with my mom while we were there. We were all to busy visiting and completely forgot, so I will have to remember to make up for it next time. 

Sunday night, we went to see, "Let's Be Cops". If you're looking for a funny movie to watch, definitely check that one out; it's hilarious! 

-On Monday, we mostly hung out at home and took it easy, just enjoying each other's company and watching a few movies with our furbabies.

-On Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment. Afterwards, we were in a different part of town than we normally hang out in, so we decided to grab lunch at Caio Bella, and then we we went to a nearby book store, The Booksellers. Their store was adorable! Not only do they have a wide range of books, they also have a full cafe, household goods, friendly staff, and even had a book signing while we were there. It was a neat place to explore. I also found all three books that I've had saved on my "book wish list" for a while, so I'm excited to read these! 

On Wednesday, we had dinner at Colton's, then roamed around Wal-Mart for a few things. We found a few movies we wanted to watch on clearance, so we we made a movie night out of things! 

(How adorable are the metal cowboys from Colton's)

On Thursday morning, we woke up early and had breakfast at Bryant's. (It's one of Memphis' best spots for breakfast!) After breakfast, we went to check out, At Home. It used to be called, Garden Ridge, but they've changed the name. Thankfully, everything else is still the same though. We found it amusing that the Halloween and Christmas displays were side by side. That night we were going to Dixon Art Gallery, but neither of us felt up to it. Instead, we stayed in and watched, "Love It Or List It". Gotta love HGTV!

Friday night, I made some homemade chicken soft tacos for us, and we watched, "We're the Millers" on DVD. Our simple our date nights in are some of my very favorite! After dinner, we got dessert to go from Firebirds.

Chicken soft tacos

Sometimes it's fun to just have dessert to go and eat it at home after you've already cooked dinner. This was our dessert from Firebirds (creme brûlée cheesecake).

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