Friday, January 22, 2010


Most of my friends and family know I have a few issues with my heart. My cardiologist recently decided to try me out on a new medicine to see if it would help in addition to what I am already taking. (Long story short, I had a horrible internal reaction to it and have been incredably sick ever since.) I was not any better today, so they had me come in for another check on my heart/etc. After a few tests, they decided I was becomming too dehydrated and my potassium was also too low, so I spent a few hours there while they gave me several IV's full of fluids and one of potassium. The nurse told me to go home and take it easy after that- no school, no more driving, no work around the house; just rest and let my heart rate relax today. Thankfully though, the doctor did say that if I rested up today that I should be ok to attend our friends' farewell dinner tonight though so that's good (no worries, Jack's driving). Our friends are moving out of state tomorrow, so I'm at least glad we will get to see them tonight! The doctor said it should be ok since I have to eat/drink anyways! After that though, I'm banished to resting again for the rest of the evening. ;)

Anyways, while I was sitting there in the doctors officer earlier, needle in arm, I started to wonder what makes other people feel better when they feel sick? You know, the little comforts that make life better!

Here's my list of comforts that always make me feel a little better!:

Jack - he always knows how to cheer me up and make everything better

A hot cup of tea

Hagan, my snuggly German Shepherd puppy

My mom's vegetable soup & buttermilk cornbread (humm...I should request this!)

A good movie on tv ("You've Got Mail" is what I'm currently watching)

Anything from Lush Cosmetics...

Mascara (no matter how bad I feel, if I put some on, I automatically feel better!)

A warm blanket

Good music : Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Evanessence, etc....

Whole wheat toast with homemade jam on it (One of my mom's older customers makes his own jams/jellys and always sends me some (especially strawberry!). They're amazing; I have a cabinent full of them!)

A good magazine or book

Comfortable clothes (especially pj's!)

Laughter - my funny moment of the day was driving myself all the way out to my cardiologist's office and not realizing until I got ready to leave that I was still in my pajamas! (That's how bad I felt!)

What are your favorite comforts???

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