Friday, August 31, 2012

Please Read...

Today, President Obama declared September to be "National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month." Regardless of anyones' political affiliations, I strongly believe that this is a step in the right direction! Please, take a moment to read the legislation: HERE

My precious Aunt Joanne lost her battle to childhood cancer (leukemia) before I ever had the opportunity to meet her. (She was diagnosed as a teen/young adult, and bravely fought her battle with Leukemia for as long as she could.) She never had the chance to truly know the joys of the simple things in life so many take for granted: falling in love, getting married to a man that loved her, having children. Although my Aunt Joanne missed out on many things, she is always near and dear to our hearts, and her legacy lives on. I never was blessed with the opportunity to meet her (leukemia stole her away from my family much too soon), however, Aunt Joanne has blessed and touched my life by the legacy she left behind. Every time I hear a family member or a friend tell me about what an incredible young lady she was, I smile. She left an amazing legacy of positivity and hope behind for all of us to follow. Even in her darkest hour, Joanne embraced life to the fullest; she clung to her faith, and the motto of, "The Optimist Creed": Read it here. 

Despite the death sentence that was handed to her, she still lead a life with purpose, joy, and hope. She brought our family together, and still continues to do so. In my quest to put flowers on her grave several years ago, I was randomly reunited with family members that I had never met before. (That was such a special, incredible moment: to know that others had loved her so much and that she left such an impact on us know that we were all united in remembering her...breathtaking!) I truly believe in my heart that Joanne had a hand in orchestrating that moment! Through that experience, I learned many amazing stories about her life. Joanne brought so many people together...people who remember her for the incredible lady she was, not just for what the leukemia took away from her. My sister and I even received an email about a year ago from one of Joanne's close friends that told us all about their friendship and the great legacy she left upon his life. I read that email often and truly cherish the heartfelt words in it. It is so amazing to learn about what an incredible person she was and the positive impact she made in the lives of others. 

I often wonder what other incredible things she could have done had her life not been cut so short by childhood cancer.

My family takes comfort in knowing that through Joanne's legacy, she has touched so, so many lives. You see, Joanne was one of the very first patients treated at St. Jude for her condition. Because of Joanne, and other children like her, there are now longer survival rates, and cures for many cancers that were once considered a death sentence. (My dad was one of the first people there to offer his bone marrow in an attempt to help save Joanne's life. It's not just about the cancer, donors (bone marrow and other) play a very vital role in research and saving lives! Please consider signing up to be a donor!). I wish that there had been a cure for my Aunt Joanne back then. I wish that I would have had the opportunity to have such an incredible aunt in my life with me today. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards, as a cure did not come swiftly enough.  Through Joanne's incredible legacy however, I've been impacted in amazing ways, as have my other family members, friends, and children who are now living longer from the research St. Jude has done. Because of the legacy that Joanne and countless other children have left behind, they will never be forgotten; their lives will live on! Awareness is the first step in the journey to find a cure for childhood cancers...and all cancers for that matter! These children are our future. Their lives are important! Who do you think will find cures in the future, and care for you when you are older: the very children we should be working our hardest to help! Imagine a world without these precious children for a birthdays, no laughter, no celebration, no joy...a world of loss and devastation. Well, imagine what the life is like for the families who lose their little ones to cancer. 

We can spread awareness and support those who are trying to find a cure so that no family ever loses a child again from cancer. 
I still find it astounding, the number of people who can automatically tell you what the pink ribbon stands for, yet they do not have the slightest clue that gold represents all of the lives touched by childhood cancers. Awareness is the crucial first step. Although I wish this legislation would have been passed decades ago, before my aunt and others ever became ill, before countless lives were lost, I am relieved that today, a positive step was made to bring awareness on the impact childhood cancers inflict on countless lives. I am happy that today people put politics and personal agendas aside in order to do what is right, and what is noble for these precious children! I am PROUD! Joanne, would be proud too! :)

If you want to learn more about childhood cancers, or offer your support, there are numerous venues that you can visit. A few include: St. Jude , The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , , Children's Cancer Research Fund. You can also show support by volunteering with organizations that help families who are coping with a childhood cancer diagnosis. Pet therapy teams that work with the group Ranger and I are affiliated with, regally visit with patients who are undergoing treatment and bring smiles to the families who are enduring so much. We are ALWAYS on the look out for wonderful new team members! If you think you have a pet that would make an incredible therapy animal, please send me a message. I would be happy to start you on the path towards becoming a registered therapy team through West TN Therapy Dogs. We need more incredible pets/handlers to share smiles, hugs, and joy, especially at places like St. Jude! (Even if your pet isn't a good fit for a place like St. Jude, there are countless other opportunities for a good therapy pet in our community to make a positive impact. I would love to talk to you and help you one your way!)

Other great organizations that need volunteers and donations include: The Ronald McDonald House, and the Target House both are also great organizations who provide shelter and needs for the families seeking treatment. Make-a-Wish is another great organization that tries to provide a bit of joy and hope for the families who are struggling to cope with a fatal diagnosis. Please do not feel like you are unable to help if you can't donate money! Time is one of the most important things you can give! Consider doing a fundraiser at your work or school to help fulfill a child's wish through "Make-a-Wish". Or, ask one of the housing programs what items they are in need of, and ask for canned goods/boxed items on your next birthday/wedding shower/Christmas party  etc, in lieu of presents. Those items can go a long way in helping to fully stock a kitchen at the Target or Ronald Mc Donald House for families who are living away from their homes while their children undergo treatment. There are so many things you can do to get involved and help! If you're a photographer, offer to take pictures for the families impacted, if you're a graphic artist: offer to design a poster free of charge for the next fundraiser, if you're a musician: sign up to volunteer in the hospital once a month to teach a little music class. There are runners clubs that raise money through races, golf tournaments that raise money through sport, there are cute clothing items/etc for those who like to shop. My point is that there are numerous ways to get involved! Try to find one you enjoy, and pitch in; you never know what kind of amazing impact you might have! 

I am going to end today's post with a picture of reality. It is a picture that absolutely breaks my heart. Below is a picture of what happens to children that are stricken with childhood cancers, when a cure is not found. If it upsets you, be thankful you still have tears to shed, emotions to feel, and a heart that's still beating. YOU are all able to do something about this: RAISE AWARENESS! Share your stories, make the decision to be the voice for those who no longer have one. Please do not speed through your September, through your holidays, through your upcoming year, and forget about this blog post. Please remember  that childhood cancer is inconvenient. Remember that on your most joyous occasions: your birthday, your wedding day, your holidays...all of your special many children will not get to experience your happiness and joy because there will not be a cure found quickly enough for them. Please do not go through life and forget about those who have lost so much from cancer. Remember them. Honor their legacies. Spread awareness.

This is what happens when a cure is not found in time. 
I know it's a difficult picture to look at, but I truly hope that it serves as a somber reminder of why it is so important to spread awareness and show support for childhood cancer research. My Aunt Joanne had her young life cut short because of Leukemia. No family should ever lose their precious loved ones from childhood cancer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh Baby!

This week we had an exciting new development in my family: we found out my niece is expecting a baby:


Needless to say, we are all pretty excited, and can't wait to welcome him into our family! He is going to be one very loved little fella! In typical great aunt fashion, I've already found several cute baby things for little RJ! If you think of my family over the coming months, please pray that my niece has a healthy pregnancy, easy labor, and that little RJ is born healthy, and happy this coming January! 

Here are two ultrasound pictures of baby RJ! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mississippi Landmass Defended on FOX

I normally don't watch FOX news so much (I prefer to flip between different stations, websites, and news sources so  that I can get more well-rounded stories on the news) but this is absolutely hysterical and worth sharing with all of you! Enjoy your laugh of the day this Tuesday! (This guy is awesome in my book!)

(There's even a facebook page dedicated to this: )

Coldplay - Paradise Live in Madrid [Proshot] [Anton Corbijn] [HD]

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not Worth The Hype: NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in "Place Vendôme"

Today I wanted to share my review on a product that I just feel is not worth the hype! The product I talk about in the video is: NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in "Place Vendôme". Watch the video below to find out why I dislike this, and what products I think are better, at a fraction of the cost! Be sure to read the description bar for more information when you watch the video. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

My puppy might just be an alcoholic...

The title explains it all...
I left Rosie alone for a few minutes tonight, and came back to find her in the living room floor...gnawing away at a bottle of Hpnotiq. I may need to check her into Puppy AA....


A while back, my aunt and I were in Hobby Lobby when we stumbled across this little gem of a painting. We were quite tempted to purchase this as a gift for my mom. Now, you might wonder why on earth I would give my mom a picture like this? Well, there's a funny story to it:

For the longest time, my mom thought that "lol" meant, "lots of love"... not, "laugh out loud."

We didn't tell her for ages because it was simply too hilarious! Every single time we received a text from her that was either very serious, or very grouchy, she ended it in "lol" and it just  cracked us all up! 

One of my favorite lol moments with my mom included receiving a random text from her one day about a distant relative that had passed away. She sent text messages to multiple people about it and ended each text in "lol." So of course, I'm sure some were wondering why on earth she was laughing at someones passing on, and why she didn't call instead (Since she's learned the art of "texting", we can't make her stop haha!) Now, death is not a laughing matter, nor is it funny....but in that's text definitely made things a little laughable!

BUT, at that point I decided one of us HAD to tell her that "lol" really meant "laughing out loud" instead of "lots of love".  That was a hilarious conversation in and of itself. I'm not sure what was more funny: me telling her what it really meant, or her arguing with me that it meant "lots of love", and then calling someone else to confirm it...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1. I currently have pneumonia. That means I have zero energy....ZERO! My doctors are a bit like dictators (since I have so many issues with my heart/lungs) so I've been "banned" most of the things I enjoy going out and enjoying recently. (This includes training and therapy visits for the last few weeks.) Hopefully I'll be 100% soon and can get back to normal. I'm going stir-crazy!

2. I really need to go to the grocery store...really badly. I should do that today!

3. I also really need a nap. Maybe I'll go to the grocery store after my nap lol...

4. I can't believe how much my little Rosie puppy is growing! She's growing like a little weed! :)

5. I need to play "picture catch-up" and post pictures from my recent birthday and my Momma's recent birthday. Maybe that will be my next post!

6. I discovered another sushi roll I actually liked last night while I was at dinner. (So far, I've found three that I'll eat without running for the hills. I think the key for me is that they HAVE to be cooked! None of that raw business!)

7. Today I will magically fix my shower drain....again....hopefully! It's getting to be a bit ridiculous how often I have to unclog it and fix it. (I regularly use a zip-it, drain cleaner, and even have a little hair catcher thingy. It still clogs, much to my frustration! I've even tried boiling water!)

8. I've really been loving the "Jennifer Aniston" perfume lately. It smells amazing!

9. I need to get the oil changed in my car. This is more of a mental note to myself, but if I see it on here...maybe I'll remember to have that done soon! Ladies: Don't forget to have the oil changed on your car and your tire pressure checked! :)

10. Yesterday I FINALLY received my huge Candles by Victoria order in the mail. I about tackled the poor UPS guy to get to the box lol. I placed my order on August 1st during her last big sale of the year, so I was thrilled to see it had finally come in! I'll post a link to my video below of the haulage and all the goodies that I picked up! She won't be having another sale of that caliber until next year, but you can always use coupon codes with your order if you're interested in placing an order with their company! "CBV10" will give you 10% off! :)

Candles by Victoria Haul!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All about Candles! (Reviews, Hauls, and Re-purposing those used candle jars!)

Do you love candles? I sure do! They're one of my absolute favorite little guilty pleasures in life! They help you relax, they smell divine, add ambiance to your environment, and they really just make your home a more cozy, inviting place! Today, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my recent candle video reviews with all of you! I will have be making some more video/ blog reviews soon, as I am expecting a new order to arrive sometime in the next week from the huge Candles by Victoria sale she recently had. I also need to play catch up and review some of my past orders, so be on the look out for several new candle-themed videos in the near future! (There are more brands than the ones mentioned in the video below covered in my future reviews! I burn everything from Walmart's "Mainstay" candles to "Lafco" candles, and in between. 

I really think that candle making is such an amazing art form. It's so spectacular when companies are able to achieve perfection in candle form with the way their candles burn, throw scent, and preform. It's definitely safe to say that I'm a candle addict! Out of all the potential addictions a person could have though, I'd say this is a pretty delicious one! ;)

Lets start this off with what I hope will be a helpful tutorial: How to clean/remove wax from your empty jar candles. I loved making this video because I really enjoy getting to re-purpose the things I use on a regular basis. Why be wasteful and throw these gorgeous jars away, when you can clean them up and give them a new life! They make amazing storage containers, excellent containers for presents, you name it! :)

Below is my recent Slatkin & Co / Bath & Body Works Haul Video and Review! In this video, I explain a bit about the  three "Test Scent Stores" in the US, and the 2/$20 sales. I also tell you how you can order seasonal scents from these special stores weeks/months before they are ever available in the regular stores! Enjoy!! (I'll also let you know which Fall fragrances are my absolute favorite!)

Another Bath & Body Works mini-haul and review! In this video I cover some of the mini-candles and the soap sale! Pay attention to the very end of the video! It explains why you should NEVER throw away those B&BW receipts! (At the end of every receipt is a survey that you can do: You will receive a $10 off coupon towards your next purchase. It NEVER expires!). I really like the customer service that Bath and Body works provides; they are always so terrific about addressing any concern or question you might have, and are so polite! Their shipping is also very prompt, regardless of if you order from a Test Store, or online.

Below are two reviews on one of my FAVORITE companies: Candles by Victoria! I absolutely adore this company. They are US based, and have such great customer service; they are so friendly, and just a joy to order from. Did I mention that they have over 750 fragrances to chose from, you can pick your own wax colors, add glitter or use any container your heart desires, and oh my goodness...the list goes on and on! They hand pour all of their candles and scent shots fresh with each order, so you never have to worry about the freshness or fragrance throw! There are so many options that they even have a terrific message board set up where people can talk about their favorite products and give reviews! Their candles and scent shots (tarts) smell amazing, and are very affordable! (I link information about coupon codes,etc in the videos, so watch closely!) I REALLY need to catch up on my Candles by Victoria reviews and show some of the candles/scent shots that I own. There are quite a bit lol! This company is absolutely fantastic! I can't recommend them enough! Go check them out:

Candles by Victoria Review: Amber Romance Jar Candle

Candles by Victoria: Scent Shot (tart) review: Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte 

This review is on a company that I recently discovered called, Shayz Scentz. I am so impressed with this company so far! This was my very first order, and it will definitely not be my last! I recently ordered from Shay when their website had a sale going on (check their website often: they run sales frequently!). Just like CBV, Shayz Scents is also based in Texas. (I love supporting US based small companies!). Out of every single company that I've ordered with, I have to say that hands down they have the BEST customer service! Very prompt, friendly responses to any question you have, insanely fast shipping, and best of all: Very great products! Shayz Scents has a really nice "pink" line of fragrances that I am especially pleased with. I've used a few of her tarts since I placed this order, and I am very pleased with the fragrance throw and the performance! I highly recommend this company! (Just like CBV, Shayz Scents hand pours all of their candles/tarts, so you are getting very fresh products when you order!). Go check out her website!:

Lydia's Tip: Keep those flames and melted tarts away from your furbabies and little ones! Be sure to read the link below with tons of information on EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about candles! This link offers TONS of helpful hints on caring for your candles and getting the most out of your money! (Yes, you need to take care of your candles, and yes there is a proper way to burn them, trim wicks, etc!)

Nail of the Day!

It's time for another "Nail of the Day" look. Hope you lovelies enjoy this one! :)

Quick video of today's nail look:


(Click pictures to enlarge)
Essie's "Nothing Else Metals"
 China Glaze's "Full Spectrum"
 -OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
-China Glaze "Full Spectrum"
-Essie "Nothing Else Metals"
-Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat
-Sephora's Nail Polish Corrector
-Lush's "Lemony Flutter"
 Essie: Nothing Else Metals
 China Glaze: Full Spectrum
 Another view: China Glaze (left); Essie (right)
 Today's Nail Look:

-Thoughts: I was very pleased with the performance of this Essie nail polish. It didn't bubble, streak, or show any difficulty in application. I was also very happy with the China Glaze glitter polish. I would say that this is by far one of THE best glitter polishes that I've tried. It has lots of very pretty, multi-faceted colors in it that would look flattering over many different color choices.(It is not an opaque polish). It was a cinch to apply, and unlike many other glitters I've tried in the past, this one didn't take multiple coats to achieve a uniform look on each nail! This was one of the first China Glaze polishes that I've ever tried; I definitely want to try more! 

Monday, August 20, 2012


Click the picture to enlarge.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nail of the Day! Video & Blog Info! :)

Hope you lovelies are all having a great day! Click the video to watch how I achieved the nail look in the post below! I'll tell you what products I used, and how to properly use them! :) 


PICTURES & Details

Products Used For This Look:

-Target brand "up and up" acetone nail polish remover (Target)
-Nail brush (You can get them at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, or Ulta)
-Just a minute 60 Second Manicure Scrub by True Blue Spa (Bath and Body Works)
-Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover (Maximum Strength) (Target, Walgreens)
-OPI Natural Base Coat (Ulta, Target,
-Essie: "Off the Shoulder" (Target, Ulta, Walgreens,
-Wet n' Wild "Flossy Flossy" (Fergie Line)...on accent nail (Walgreens)
-Sephora Nail Polish Corrector (Sephora)
-Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat; 960 (Target, Ulta, Walgreens)
-Sephora's Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil
-True Blue Spa Glycolic Acid Cracked Heel Treatment "Heel of Approval" (B&BW)
-LaCross nail clippers 
-nail file (Sally's Beauty Supply, can find them anywhere!)
-Tropical Shine mini 4-way Buffer (Sally's Beauty Supply)
-Toe Separators (Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta) 
-Lush's "Lemony Flutter" Cuticle Butter (Lush,

Today's nail look! 
(Not the best manicure I've ever given myself, oh well!)
Holding Wet n' Wild's Fergie polish in "Flossy Flossy" (Used on accent nail)

Another view! 
*Trio of Awesomeness!)*
-True Blue Spa: Just a Minute: 60 Second Manicure Scrub
-True Blue Spa: Glycolic Acid Cracked Heel Treatment "Heel of Approval"
-Lush's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
Essie's "Off The Shoulder" 
Wet n' Wild (Fergie line) "Flossy Flossy"
O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat
Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat
(I REALLY like this quick dry top coat; it doesn't make polish peel like a lot of other ones do.)
Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat : 960
Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover 
(Maximum Strength)
-Target's "up and up" acetone nail polish remover
-Sephora Nail Polish Corrector
-Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil
Nail Goodies!

Lydia's Tip: Don't forget to keep your nail tools clean by sanitizing them after each use! Be sure to swipe all nail tools with an alcohol pad after each use to nix bacteria in its tracks! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brandi Carlile & Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra....AMAZING CONCERT!!!

Those of you who know me well, know all about my extensive love for music! On that note, Brandi Carlile is one of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters! The music she creates is astoundingly beautiful. You can really feel the soul and passion that goes into her music when you hear her voice. This is one of the reasons I adore her so much! She is so, so talented! Not only does she have vocal chops that put many musicians to shame: she can play a mean guitar, hit out some awesome rhythms on percussion, tickle the ivory, and write the most incredible songs! That right there is my definition of a talented artist! Did I mention that during her show, she played everything from rock pieces to acoustic sets...she even did an outstanding A cappella number! Brandi also did a pretty awesome version of Bohemian Rhapsody that would have made QUEEN proud! I especially loved that she threw in a nice Johnny Cash tribute as well. My favorite part of the night was when Brandi and her band completely unplugged everything and came up to the front of the stage to sing an A cappella number. Not many musicians this day and age are willing to do that, and able are able to rock it out! She was awesome. (The acoustics in GPAC were just perfect for that sort of moment too...unforgettable!) 

The very first time I saw her was over 5 years ago when she was preforming at little Memphis bar called, Newby's back in 2007. I have been faithfully following her music ever since! It's been such an amazing experience watching a musician that I like so much really grow as an artist and expand her fan base. I had the opportunity to see her again on Sunday night, and took my sister Kimmy along with me! It was incredible to see Brandi go from playing a little bar like Newby's 5 years ago, to a completely sold out  house at the Germantown Preforming Arts Center. Kimmy and I were in the second row from the very back in the balconies. There was not a spare seat in the entire auditorium. I think it's safe to say that Brandi is definitely going to need a bigger venue the next time she comes back to Memphis! What can I say, Memphians know a great musician when they hear one! 

Below, I've posted a few pictures from Sunday night's concert! We had a lot of fun! (despite me having bronchitis and zero voice!) We started out with dinner at Exline's where we had the world's slowest waiter! We left with 5 minutes to spare, thankfully though we only had about a two minute drive to GPAC. When we finally arrived there, we magically lucked out and found the perfect parking spot waiting on us! We rushed to Will Call to grab our tickets, and then rushed up to balcony to find our seats. Andy Hull  of Manchester Orchestra opened up for Brandi Carlie; he did a fantastic job! Then, Brandi Carlile & her band played...and did they ever play! They were incredible. This was honestly one of  the best concerts that I've been to in ages! 

Waiting for the concert to start! So exciting!!!
 Pre-concert fun: I got Kimmy to smile! Yay! :)
Pre-concert fun: Kimmy's photography skills on me...
 Sister time! Getting ready to go to dinner and the concert!
 Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra: He. Is. Incredible!
He has a new cd coming out in October: GO BUY IT! :D
 One of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters ever! It was such an amazing experience getting to see her again, 5 years later at a sold out concert! 
Brandi is an incredible pianist! This was the beginning of her cover for Bohemian Rhapsody (I have to say, they did an AWESOME job!)
They put on such an incredible show! So high energy and fun!
Rockin out!
This is a REAL musician: 
Vocals, songwriting, piano, guitar, percussion, A cappella set, rock, acoustic set, Johnny Cash & Bohemian Rhapsody covers...Brandi Carlile...aka...Wonder Woman!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Delta Rae - Bottom of the River [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Incredible, talented, powerful...roll all of these things into one and you've got, "Delta Rae". This song is an amazing! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pit Bulls Defy Stereotypes By Saving Lives (Thank you Action News 5 for a POSITIVE story!)

I dedicate today's blog post to my beloved Pit Bull x, Macy. My precious girl passed away in my arms back in April. When I adopted her, I knew our time would be short; she was in end-stage heart failure.  That did not stop sweet Macy from completely stealing my heart, and the love of all of those around her! I had an incredible year and a half with Macy before her heart gave out. During that time, Macy displayed more than a lifetime's worth of love and affection towards myself and everyone that she met. She was an AMAZING advocate for Pit Bull x's everywhere! I am happy to say that during her short life, Macy changed quite a few people to understand that Pit Bulls are incredible, intelligent, loving dogs. Not only was she a gentle, calm girl, she was also extremely intelligent and earned top honors from every single Obedience class she trained in. I couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful girl! 
Well done, sweet Macy; you are dearly missed!

This picture was taken on Macy's very first "Gotcha Day" 
(I didn't know her birthday, so I celebrated the day I brought her home...8-28-10.)

It's about time we see a news station run a POSITIVE story on these amazing dogs! Thank you Action News 5! Hopefully we will continue to hear positive stories like the one below, rather than constant negativity and misinformation. My Macy w
as an incredible, gentle advocate for her breed when she alive; Pit Bulls are incredible! Stories like the one below are why it's so important for responsible pet owners to work hard to train/socialize their dogs, and prove the negative stereotypes wrong! Owners please: be a good advocate for your breed(s), so that we continue to see more positive stories like this one below! 

(Click the link below to watch the video/read the article)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sale Alert: Eyes Lips Face (ELF)

Today only (8/8/12) from 8am until 4pm ALL items on the ELF website (eyes.lips.face.) will be 50% off with the coupon code: BD50. (You can actually place your order early now, and still get your discount! That's what I just did.). This 50% off sale is an AMAZING deal, on some prices that are already pretty awesome!

In order to qualify, you need to have a minimum order of $20 in order to get the discounted price. Also, you can only use the one coupon code (BD50) on your order. So shipping isn't free since you aren't able to use free shipping coupon codes in combination with the 50% off promotion, but it's still very affordable!

I was excited to pick up a few items that I haven't seen at my local Target, and have been wanting to try! If you're not sure where to start on ELF products, there are a lot of great YouTube reviews out there. I personally love some of the brushes from their Studio Line, among other things! My only complaint from this sale is that a lot of the items I was interested in ordering are already "out of stock". So, if you see something you'd like to get, act fast before it sells out. Also, e.l.f. typically has slower shipping when they put on large sales like this one, so plan for your order to take a while to ship out/arrive, unless you chose a faster shipping method!

Personally, I really love e.l.f. You can't beat their affordability, and their variety! I enjoy trying out both high and lower end priced beauty products. I've found some e.l.f.  items to be comparable to the more pricey ones on the market, but with a much better price tag! (I've never had a negative reaction/break up from e.l.f. items either, and I do have sensitive skin.) My point, is that a higher price tag does not necessarily equal a better product, and a lower-priced product does not always equal poor quality. The thing about e.l.f. is that it's so affordable, you're really able to venture out and try new products without spending a lot of money, especially during their 50% off sale! I've found overall that I'm 50/50 with their products: I either really love a product or really hate it. So, I'd suggest you watch YouTube reviews/look up swatches online if you're on the fence about something, so that you can make a more informed decision. :)

Here's the link to the e.l.f. website:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wordless Sunday

Little Rosie
(6 months old)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey Bully: This post is for you!

I am being stalked.

I am being bullied. I am being harassed. I am being followed. The sick individual guilty of doing these things to me has continued to do so relentlessly since I left him in 2008. Granted, the abuse started long before that. He derives immense pleasure out of attempting to belittle and bully me. He is on an egotistical power trip, and enjoys nothing more than bullying others into silence. In his sick, deranged mind, he finds his behavior humorous. There is nothing funny about it! I've tried on numerous occasions to understand why he behaves in such a manner. I've come to the conclusion, (as have my friends, family members, attorney, and law enforcement) that you just can not reason with or understand a mentally ill individual. There is never an excuse for such poor, hateful, dangerous behavior. 

I wake up to comments like the one I've posted below, on a regular basis. He's posted hate messages like this one on numerous websites, not just my blog posts. He's shown up in restaurants I've visited, businesses I've worked at, and enjoys following my car for sport. Even more shameful- he's had the audacity to show up and stalk me at volunteer events I've worked with my therapy dogs! He's even had his "buddies" join in on the fun of stalking and harassing myself and my family. 

Dear Bully: I advise you to tread VERY carefully...

Your shameful antics will not work on me. I am not your victim. I am no longer your punching bag that you can beat, talk down to, and abuse. You WILL be held accountable for your actions. 


(The picture  below is of a comment that I found when I was moderating my comment section the other day. Click the picture to enlarge it. This is what abuse and stalking looks like. I left this situation in 2008 in an attempt to save myself from the constant violence and abuse he subjected me to. I have had zero contact with him on my part; yet, here it is 2012 and he still has nothing better to do with his life than to stalk and harass me. 


(text below)

"Why not take your holier-than-thou, liberal, dumb ass and shove it. The owner of Chick-Fil-A did not trash any homosexuals. He was asked a question about his views of marriage, and he answered it. Now, if you had done your homework instead of foaming at the mouth issuing Lydia-brand diarrhea, you would have understood the basis for today's overwhelming support of Chick-Fil-A. Moreover, you CLAIM to be a Christian, but I don't know what "bible" you're reading from. Mine says God despises homosexuality. Are YOU calling God a homophobe, you blashemous pig? And please explain how we who don't approve of homosexuality are scared of it. A -phobia is a FEAR of something, you stupid cow. I am NOT afraid of homosexuals; I pray for their souls. They choose to sin and disobey the God of the universe. If anyone has a -phobia, it is the queers. They fear having to be normal, fear that we don't accept their queerdom, and we have no desire to accept it, nor should we have to. The Bible on Food for Thought: Chick-fil-A 

- Dick Weed"

Dear "Dick Weed"  (we both know your real name, coward.) I have a better name than, "Dick Weed" for you: 


You didn't expect to get called out on my blog when you stalked me today, did you? 
Well, enjoy your five minutes of SHAME

I dedicate the song below to you! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Food for Thought: Chick-fil-A

I will preface this post by saying:
If I see one more blasted post about "Chick-fil-A" today, I will lose my Jesus on someone! 

I've held my tongue for several days now since this homophobic mess hit the fan. Today, I'm done being silent! It is so disgusting and disheartening to wake up to all of my social media pages being blasted with pictures and support for a company that has openly chastised an entire group of people. I'm confused: are we in Nazi Germany??? I am so sick of homophobic, Bible-thumpers that have nothing better to do  with their time, than to chastise an entire group of people simply because they think their way is better than someone else's. Hummm didn't we see the same type of tyrannical chastising occur during the Crusades? Didn't we see this same type of chastising occur when our country was riddled with the effects Slavery and racism? Didn't we also see the same thing happen during the Holocaust? (Which by the way, resulted in the slaughter of many of my family members). Why do we condemn and hate what we do not understand or know? Why do we chose ignorance and hatred, above love and kindness? Why do we shun away those who we should welcome with open arms into our churches and homes, when they desire to hear about God's love? Treating others in kindness and love does not mean that you have to personally embrace or participate in a certain lifestyle. It simply entails treating others like decent human beings, and displaying the same kindness and love you would want shown towards yourself.

I'd advise all of us to take a step back and think about things before we ignorantly jump on a bandwagon that spews the very hatred our God is saddened by. God created us ALL in HIS own image, and He loves us ALL. Not just the wealthy, heterosexual, Caucasians. (I'm using that as an example...feel free to insert any race, economic, and social background you really doesn't matter.). I am sick and tired of religious fanatics hiding behind their Bibles and criticizing others, instead of actually trying to live out what the Bible tells us to do:  LOVE our neighbors! What ever happened to treating others the way you'd like to be treated? (For the record, I am a Christian, Caucasian, heterosexual, female.)

So today, before you jump on a bandwagon and support a franchise that claims to be doing God's bidding, I challenge you think about what you're really supporting. You're not supporting, "freedom of speech" as the company and many have claimed. Hiding behind a veil of false intentions benefits no one. Let's be honest: Chick-fil-A is openly chastising an entire group of their customers, simply because they chose to lay with their partners behind their private bedroom doors. What people do in their personal life is absolutely no business of fast food restaurant! I advise that we all not cast stones in a metaphoric house of glass. How many of us are guilty of using profanity or have lost our tempers? How many of us have ever spoken rudely to our parents, coveted an item our friends had, or told a fallacy? All of us. Sin is sin. And if, in your own personal beliefs you decide to classify homosexuality as a sin, then remember this: in God's eyes, all sins are equal and will be equally judged. Why then, should you pick one sin over another to blatantly rake over the coals? And if you're going to be that judgemental then here's a thought for all of you married, heterosexual individuals: If you're going to pry into someones personal life, judge, and chastise them based on what the Bible says, then answer the following questions silently to yourselves: How many of you have had intercourse when the wife was menstruating? How many of you have masturbated? How many of you have had anal sex? How many of you have enjoyed "50 Shades of Grey-esque" types of kinky play?  How many of you have dressed immodestly (lingera perhaps)? How many of you have lusted after someone that is not your spouse (Good looking actor (Hello, "Magic Mike"), the gardener, someone at your office). Do these questions make you uncomfortable? Good! My point is that what you do behind closed doors is YOUR business, not a fast food chains. If you're going to judge an entire group of people for what they do in their private, personal lives, please make sure that you are a perfect, sinless individual!  All of those items I mentioned would be viewed as sins in the Bible.

 I think it's best we all keep our private lives just that...private. Do we really want businesses, government, and others telling us what  kind of activities we can and can't engage in, in the privacy of our own homes? Should the things we engage in behind our bedroom doors be broadcasted for an entire group of people to judge? No. Think of China and their "one child rule". Do you want a tyrannical government controlling your sexuality and reproductive rights? Do you want businesses  that selectively judge people, influencing your congressmen, your senators, your government? Food for thought...


In my book, the only one who has a right to judge anyone is Christ. So for all of those who think people like my family members, friends, and loved ones do not deserve the same love, rights, and liberties that I enjoy:
All people should have the right to marry the love of their live, make an end of life decision on behalf of their partner, share health care benefits, or eat at a fast food restaurant without being condemned for what they partake in, in the privacy of their homes...

I refuse to support religious fanaticism and the chastising of the very people my God compels me to love and show kindness towards. I refuse to spew hatred upon others for the things they do in the privacy of their home. I refuse to support a business that names itself a martyr in the name of homophobic hatred. The God I serve loves all people! I chose to embrace HIS perfect love today,  instead of blasphemy, arrogance, elitism, and hatred.

Dear Chick-fil-A:
You can keep the fried chicken! Today, I'll be having beef!

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