Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1. I currently have pneumonia. That means I have zero energy....ZERO! My doctors are a bit like dictators (since I have so many issues with my heart/lungs) so I've been "banned" most of the things I enjoy going out and enjoying recently. (This includes training and therapy visits for the last few weeks.) Hopefully I'll be 100% soon and can get back to normal. I'm going stir-crazy!

2. I really need to go to the grocery store...really badly. I should do that today!

3. I also really need a nap. Maybe I'll go to the grocery store after my nap lol...

4. I can't believe how much my little Rosie puppy is growing! She's growing like a little weed! :)

5. I need to play "picture catch-up" and post pictures from my recent birthday and my Momma's recent birthday. Maybe that will be my next post!

6. I discovered another sushi roll I actually liked last night while I was at dinner. (So far, I've found three that I'll eat without running for the hills. I think the key for me is that they HAVE to be cooked! None of that raw business!)

7. Today I will magically fix my shower drain....again....hopefully! It's getting to be a bit ridiculous how often I have to unclog it and fix it. (I regularly use a zip-it, drain cleaner, and even have a little hair catcher thingy. It still clogs, much to my frustration! I've even tried boiling water!)

8. I've really been loving the "Jennifer Aniston" perfume lately. It smells amazing!

9. I need to get the oil changed in my car. This is more of a mental note to myself, but if I see it on here...maybe I'll remember to have that done soon! Ladies: Don't forget to have the oil changed on your car and your tire pressure checked! :)

10. Yesterday I FINALLY received my huge Candles by Victoria order in the mail. I about tackled the poor UPS guy to get to the box lol. I placed my order on August 1st during her last big sale of the year, so I was thrilled to see it had finally come in! I'll post a link to my video below of the haulage and all the goodies that I picked up! She won't be having another sale of that caliber until next year, but you can always use coupon codes with your order if you're interested in placing an order with their company! "CBV10" will give you 10% off! :)

Candles by Victoria Haul!


  1. Every time you showed the wick part of the candle in the video, I literally wished I could sniff it through the screen, lol! That makes me want candles really bad. I only use them through the fall and winter because those are the scents I like best. Hope you get to feeling better!

    1. Thank you girl!

      Aww that's too funny about wanting to sniff them through the screen! They really do smell fantastic; Victoria always puts out yummy candles! If you ever decide you'd like to order, she has some great promo codes that give you a little discount. The Fall/Winter scents are my favorite too; you just can't beat how great they smell! :)