Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey Bully: This post is for you!

I am being stalked.

I am being bullied. I am being harassed. I am being followed. The sick individual guilty of doing these things to me has continued to do so relentlessly since I left him in 2008. Granted, the abuse started long before that. He derives immense pleasure out of attempting to belittle and bully me. He is on an egotistical power trip, and enjoys nothing more than bullying others into silence. In his sick, deranged mind, he finds his behavior humorous. There is nothing funny about it! I've tried on numerous occasions to understand why he behaves in such a manner. I've come to the conclusion, (as have my friends, family members, attorney, and law enforcement) that you just can not reason with or understand a mentally ill individual. There is never an excuse for such poor, hateful, dangerous behavior. 

I wake up to comments like the one I've posted below, on a regular basis. He's posted hate messages like this one on numerous websites, not just my blog posts. He's shown up in restaurants I've visited, businesses I've worked at, and enjoys following my car for sport. Even more shameful- he's had the audacity to show up and stalk me at volunteer events I've worked with my therapy dogs! He's even had his "buddies" join in on the fun of stalking and harassing myself and my family. 

Dear Bully: I advise you to tread VERY carefully...

Your shameful antics will not work on me. I am not your victim. I am no longer your punching bag that you can beat, talk down to, and abuse. You WILL be held accountable for your actions. 


(The picture  below is of a comment that I found when I was moderating my comment section the other day. Click the picture to enlarge it. This is what abuse and stalking looks like. I left this situation in 2008 in an attempt to save myself from the constant violence and abuse he subjected me to. I have had zero contact with him on my part; yet, here it is 2012 and he still has nothing better to do with his life than to stalk and harass me. 


(text below)

"Why not take your holier-than-thou, liberal, dumb ass and shove it. The owner of Chick-Fil-A did not trash any homosexuals. He was asked a question about his views of marriage, and he answered it. Now, if you had done your homework instead of foaming at the mouth issuing Lydia-brand diarrhea, you would have understood the basis for today's overwhelming support of Chick-Fil-A. Moreover, you CLAIM to be a Christian, but I don't know what "bible" you're reading from. Mine says God despises homosexuality. Are YOU calling God a homophobe, you blashemous pig? And please explain how we who don't approve of homosexuality are scared of it. A -phobia is a FEAR of something, you stupid cow. I am NOT afraid of homosexuals; I pray for their souls. They choose to sin and disobey the God of the universe. If anyone has a -phobia, it is the queers. They fear having to be normal, fear that we don't accept their queerdom, and we have no desire to accept it, nor should we have to. The Bible on Food for Thought: Chick-fil-A 

- Dick Weed"

Dear "Dick Weed"  (we both know your real name, coward.) I have a better name than, "Dick Weed" for you: 


You didn't expect to get called out on my blog when you stalked me today, did you? 
Well, enjoy your five minutes of SHAME

I dedicate the song below to you!