Friday, August 24, 2012


A while back, my aunt and I were in Hobby Lobby when we stumbled across this little gem of a painting. We were quite tempted to purchase this as a gift for my mom. Now, you might wonder why on earth I would give my mom a picture like this? Well, there's a funny story to it:

For the longest time, my mom thought that "lol" meant, "lots of love"... not, "laugh out loud."

We didn't tell her for ages because it was simply too hilarious! Every single time we received a text from her that was either very serious, or very grouchy, she ended it in "lol" and it just  cracked us all up! 

One of my favorite lol moments with my mom included receiving a random text from her one day about a distant relative that had passed away. She sent text messages to multiple people about it and ended each text in "lol." So of course, I'm sure some were wondering why on earth she was laughing at someones passing on, and why she didn't call instead (Since she's learned the art of "texting", we can't make her stop haha!) Now, death is not a laughing matter, nor is it funny....but in that's text definitely made things a little laughable!

BUT, at that point I decided one of us HAD to tell her that "lol" really meant "laughing out loud" instead of "lots of love".  That was a hilarious conversation in and of itself. I'm not sure what was more funny: me telling her what it really meant, or her arguing with me that it meant "lots of love", and then calling someone else to confirm it...


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