Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sale Alert: Eyes Lips Face (ELF)

Today only (8/8/12) from 8am until 4pm ALL items on the ELF website (eyes.lips.face.) will be 50% off with the coupon code: BD50. (You can actually place your order early now, and still get your discount! That's what I just did.). This 50% off sale is an AMAZING deal, on some prices that are already pretty awesome!

In order to qualify, you need to have a minimum order of $20 in order to get the discounted price. Also, you can only use the one coupon code (BD50) on your order. So shipping isn't free since you aren't able to use free shipping coupon codes in combination with the 50% off promotion, but it's still very affordable!

I was excited to pick up a few items that I haven't seen at my local Target, and have been wanting to try! If you're not sure where to start on ELF products, there are a lot of great YouTube reviews out there. I personally love some of the brushes from their Studio Line, among other things! My only complaint from this sale is that a lot of the items I was interested in ordering are already "out of stock". So, if you see something you'd like to get, act fast before it sells out. Also, e.l.f. typically has slower shipping when they put on large sales like this one, so plan for your order to take a while to ship out/arrive, unless you chose a faster shipping method!

Personally, I really love e.l.f. You can't beat their affordability, and their variety! I enjoy trying out both high and lower end priced beauty products. I've found some e.l.f.  items to be comparable to the more pricey ones on the market, but with a much better price tag! (I've never had a negative reaction/break up from e.l.f. items either, and I do have sensitive skin.) My point, is that a higher price tag does not necessarily equal a better product, and a lower-priced product does not always equal poor quality. The thing about e.l.f. is that it's so affordable, you're really able to venture out and try new products without spending a lot of money, especially during their 50% off sale! I've found overall that I'm 50/50 with their products: I either really love a product or really hate it. So, I'd suggest you watch YouTube reviews/look up swatches online if you're on the fence about something, so that you can make a more informed decision. :)

Here's the link to the e.l.f. website:

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