Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All about Candles! (Reviews, Hauls, and Re-purposing those used candle jars!)

Do you love candles? I sure do! They're one of my absolute favorite little guilty pleasures in life! They help you relax, they smell divine, add ambiance to your environment, and they really just make your home a more cozy, inviting place! Today, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my recent candle video reviews with all of you! I will have be making some more video/ blog reviews soon, as I am expecting a new order to arrive sometime in the next week from the huge Candles by Victoria sale she recently had. I also need to play catch up and review some of my past orders, so be on the look out for several new candle-themed videos in the near future! (There are more brands than the ones mentioned in the video below covered in my future reviews! I burn everything from Walmart's "Mainstay" candles to "Lafco" candles, and in between. 

I really think that candle making is such an amazing art form. It's so spectacular when companies are able to achieve perfection in candle form with the way their candles burn, throw scent, and preform. It's definitely safe to say that I'm a candle addict! Out of all the potential addictions a person could have though, I'd say this is a pretty delicious one! ;)

Lets start this off with what I hope will be a helpful tutorial: How to clean/remove wax from your empty jar candles. I loved making this video because I really enjoy getting to re-purpose the things I use on a regular basis. Why be wasteful and throw these gorgeous jars away, when you can clean them up and give them a new life! They make amazing storage containers, excellent containers for presents, you name it! :)

Below is my recent Slatkin & Co / Bath & Body Works Haul Video and Review! In this video, I explain a bit about the  three "Test Scent Stores" in the US, and the 2/$20 sales. I also tell you how you can order seasonal scents from these special stores weeks/months before they are ever available in the regular stores! Enjoy!! (I'll also let you know which Fall fragrances are my absolute favorite!)

Another Bath & Body Works mini-haul and review! In this video I cover some of the mini-candles and the soap sale! Pay attention to the very end of the video! It explains why you should NEVER throw away those B&BW receipts! (At the end of every receipt is a survey that you can do: You will receive a $10 off coupon towards your next purchase. It NEVER expires!). I really like the customer service that Bath and Body works provides; they are always so terrific about addressing any concern or question you might have, and are so polite! Their shipping is also very prompt, regardless of if you order from a Test Store, or online.

Below are two reviews on one of my FAVORITE companies: Candles by Victoria! I absolutely adore this company. They are US based, and have such great customer service; they are so friendly, and just a joy to order from. Did I mention that they have over 750 fragrances to chose from, you can pick your own wax colors, add glitter or use any container your heart desires, and oh my goodness...the list goes on and on! They hand pour all of their candles and scent shots fresh with each order, so you never have to worry about the freshness or fragrance throw! There are so many options that they even have a terrific message board set up where people can talk about their favorite products and give reviews! Their candles and scent shots (tarts) smell amazing, and are very affordable! (I link information about coupon codes,etc in the videos, so watch closely!) I REALLY need to catch up on my Candles by Victoria reviews and show some of the candles/scent shots that I own. There are quite a bit lol! This company is absolutely fantastic! I can't recommend them enough! Go check them out: www.candlesbyvictoria.com:

Candles by Victoria Review: Amber Romance Jar Candle

Candles by Victoria: Scent Shot (tart) review: Cinnamon Gingerbread Latte 

This review is on a company that I recently discovered called, Shayz Scentz. I am so impressed with this company so far! This was my very first order, and it will definitely not be my last! I recently ordered from Shay when their website had a sale going on (check their website often: they run sales frequently!). Just like CBV, Shayz Scents is also based in Texas. (I love supporting US based small companies!). Out of every single company that I've ordered with, I have to say that hands down they have the BEST customer service! Very prompt, friendly responses to any question you have, insanely fast shipping, and best of all: Very great products! Shayz Scents has a really nice "pink" line of fragrances that I am especially pleased with. I've used a few of her tarts since I placed this order, and I am very pleased with the fragrance throw and the performance! I highly recommend this company! (Just like CBV, Shayz Scents hand pours all of their candles/tarts, so you are getting very fresh products when you order!). Go check out her website!: www.shayzscents.com

Lydia's Tip: Keep those flames and melted tarts away from your furbabies and little ones! Be sure to read the link below with tons of information on EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about candles! This link offers TONS of helpful hints on caring for your candles and getting the most out of your money! (Yes, you need to take care of your candles, and yes there is a proper way to burn them, trim wicks, etc!)

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