Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pit Bulls Defy Stereotypes By Saving Lives (Thank you Action News 5 for a POSITIVE story!)

I dedicate today's blog post to my beloved Pit Bull x, Macy. My precious girl passed away in my arms back in April. When I adopted her, I knew our time would be short; she was in end-stage heart failure.  That did not stop sweet Macy from completely stealing my heart, and the love of all of those around her! I had an incredible year and a half with Macy before her heart gave out. During that time, Macy displayed more than a lifetime's worth of love and affection towards myself and everyone that she met. She was an AMAZING advocate for Pit Bull x's everywhere! I am happy to say that during her short life, Macy changed quite a few people to understand that Pit Bulls are incredible, intelligent, loving dogs. Not only was she a gentle, calm girl, she was also extremely intelligent and earned top honors from every single Obedience class she trained in. I couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful girl! 
Well done, sweet Macy; you are dearly missed!

This picture was taken on Macy's very first "Gotcha Day" 
(I didn't know her birthday, so I celebrated the day I brought her home...8-28-10.)

It's about time we see a news station run a POSITIVE story on these amazing dogs! Thank you Action News 5! Hopefully we will continue to hear positive stories like the one below, rather than constant negativity and misinformation. My Macy w
as an incredible, gentle advocate for her breed when she alive; Pit Bulls are incredible! Stories like the one below are why it's so important for responsible pet owners to work hard to train/socialize their dogs, and prove the negative stereotypes wrong! Owners please: be a good advocate for your breed(s), so that we continue to see more positive stories like this one below! 

(Click the link below to watch the video/read the article)

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