Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Food for Thought: Chick-fil-A

I will preface this post by saying:
If I see one more blasted post about "Chick-fil-A" today, I will lose my Jesus on someone! 

I've held my tongue for several days now since this homophobic mess hit the fan. Today, I'm done being silent! It is so disgusting and disheartening to wake up to all of my social media pages being blasted with pictures and support for a company that has openly chastised an entire group of people. I'm confused: are we in Nazi Germany??? I am so sick of homophobic, Bible-thumpers that have nothing better to do  with their time, than to chastise an entire group of people simply because they think their way is better than someone else's. Hummm didn't we see the same type of tyrannical chastising occur during the Crusades? Didn't we see this same type of chastising occur when our country was riddled with the effects Slavery and racism? Didn't we also see the same thing happen during the Holocaust? (Which by the way, resulted in the slaughter of many of my family members). Why do we condemn and hate what we do not understand or know? Why do we chose ignorance and hatred, above love and kindness? Why do we shun away those who we should welcome with open arms into our churches and homes, when they desire to hear about God's love? Treating others in kindness and love does not mean that you have to personally embrace or participate in a certain lifestyle. It simply entails treating others like decent human beings, and displaying the same kindness and love you would want shown towards yourself.

I'd advise all of us to take a step back and think about things before we ignorantly jump on a bandwagon that spews the very hatred our God is saddened by. God created us ALL in HIS own image, and He loves us ALL. Not just the wealthy, heterosexual, Caucasians. (I'm using that as an example...feel free to insert any race, economic, and social background you really doesn't matter.). I am sick and tired of religious fanatics hiding behind their Bibles and criticizing others, instead of actually trying to live out what the Bible tells us to do:  LOVE our neighbors! What ever happened to treating others the way you'd like to be treated? (For the record, I am a Christian, Caucasian, heterosexual, female.)

So today, before you jump on a bandwagon and support a franchise that claims to be doing God's bidding, I challenge you think about what you're really supporting. You're not supporting, "freedom of speech" as the company and many have claimed. Hiding behind a veil of false intentions benefits no one. Let's be honest: Chick-fil-A is openly chastising an entire group of their customers, simply because they chose to lay with their partners behind their private bedroom doors. What people do in their personal life is absolutely no business of fast food restaurant! I advise that we all not cast stones in a metaphoric house of glass. How many of us are guilty of using profanity or have lost our tempers? How many of us have ever spoken rudely to our parents, coveted an item our friends had, or told a fallacy? All of us. Sin is sin. And if, in your own personal beliefs you decide to classify homosexuality as a sin, then remember this: in God's eyes, all sins are equal and will be equally judged. Why then, should you pick one sin over another to blatantly rake over the coals? And if you're going to be that judgemental then here's a thought for all of you married, heterosexual individuals: If you're going to pry into someones personal life, judge, and chastise them based on what the Bible says, then answer the following questions silently to yourselves: How many of you have had intercourse when the wife was menstruating? How many of you have masturbated? How many of you have had anal sex? How many of you have enjoyed "50 Shades of Grey-esque" types of kinky play?  How many of you have dressed immodestly (lingera perhaps)? How many of you have lusted after someone that is not your spouse (Good looking actor (Hello, "Magic Mike"), the gardener, someone at your office). Do these questions make you uncomfortable? Good! My point is that what you do behind closed doors is YOUR business, not a fast food chains. If you're going to judge an entire group of people for what they do in their private, personal lives, please make sure that you are a perfect, sinless individual!  All of those items I mentioned would be viewed as sins in the Bible.

 I think it's best we all keep our private lives just that...private. Do we really want businesses, government, and others telling us what  kind of activities we can and can't engage in, in the privacy of our own homes? Should the things we engage in behind our bedroom doors be broadcasted for an entire group of people to judge? No. Think of China and their "one child rule". Do you want a tyrannical government controlling your sexuality and reproductive rights? Do you want businesses  that selectively judge people, influencing your congressmen, your senators, your government? Food for thought...


In my book, the only one who has a right to judge anyone is Christ. So for all of those who think people like my family members, friends, and loved ones do not deserve the same love, rights, and liberties that I enjoy:
All people should have the right to marry the love of their live, make an end of life decision on behalf of their partner, share health care benefits, or eat at a fast food restaurant without being condemned for what they partake in, in the privacy of their homes...

I refuse to support religious fanaticism and the chastising of the very people my God compels me to love and show kindness towards. I refuse to spew hatred upon others for the things they do in the privacy of their home. I refuse to support a business that names itself a martyr in the name of homophobic hatred. The God I serve loves all people! I chose to embrace HIS perfect love today,  instead of blasphemy, arrogance, elitism, and hatred.

Dear Chick-fil-A:
You can keep the fried chicken! Today, I'll be having beef!

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