Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well, if I've been absent for a few days, here's why: I'm Moving. Yes...Again! This time to a MUCH safer community that is gated, well kept, and has excellent reviews (if all goes well I sign on the dottled lines Thursday- please, please, please PRAY I get it!). I'm going tomorrow to break my lease at the complex I'm currently living at  for the time being- fee or no fee, it's worth it to feel safe again! This go-round I can't really pack/move anything myself since my neck & back were injured in that recent car wreck, so I will have to figure that part out (maybe getting a moving company to help out).

I have only been living in this apartment complex about 3 months and it has proven to be nothing but a crime-ridden roach motel with nice landscapping and thugs. It's an nightmare- non-stop break-in/s (both car and apartment), rapes, gang activity, you name it. Let's not even get started with the rude office staff, noisy upstairs neighbors, the insect issues, weird men walking around the complex at night, strange cars that constantly speed in and out, or the crooked "courtsey officers" who I'm pretty sure the majority of are in on the crime issues to begin with (only one of them is worth his weight in gold!).

As of this past weekend- Friday I got a notice on my door telling me not to "be alarmed" but that there have been more break-ins/crime in the complex...humm! Sometime between Friday night/ Saturday morning one of my neighbors who lives in my same area had her apartment broken into at night (thank GOD she works nights at FexEx & wasn't home when it happened!). Saturday night was the last straw- some thug was staring into my apartment window casing my home in addition to over 150 shady men that were outside of my complex fighting and carrying on (supposedly my apartment complex claims that they rented out the clubhouse to some people for a party and that they passed out fliers and postings on myspace inviting everyone- well their "party" turned into a gang initiation and happened to occur right by my apartment!). (2 of my neighbors and I watched it unfold as it was literally across from my complex. We made over 7 calls to the police department that night and Jack wound up comming over to my apartment to keep an eye out at 2:30am (with his gun in tow). The result of Saturday night was 12+ Memphis squad cars (and many more undercover cars), fighting, and me feeling even less safe than I already did before! I want out of this place before bullets start to fly..that's what it really boils down to. This place is a literally hell! I thought I was moving into a safer living arrangement when I came here 3 short months ago...little did I know that it would wind up being more unsafe and unpredictable. I am scared that my apartment or car will eventually be vandalized or I will be raped/killed the longer I stick around here, which is why I'm moving out ASAP. In the mean time I sleep with a gun on one side of my bed, a baseball bat on the other side, and Wasp spray on my night stand.

To say that I'm "frustrated" would be a huge understatement. This will be my 6th (yes, 6th) move in less than about four years. I am SICK of moving!!! All I want is a safe place to call home for as long as I want. I am soo sick of having to constantly pack up my life and move! I only moved into this apartment 3 short months ago and just got unpacked/ I have to pack up my life yet again and move....all while trying to do well in school/clinicals and while dealing with my injuries from the car wreck. It's irritating. I know God is good though and that He never gives us more than we can handle. Just pray I can handle all of this chaos! I know in the end though that it will be worth it to move into a safer place.

I went on Monday after class/studying to look at an apartment complex that I adore! It's gated, has great security, and I have friends who will be moving in there around that same time that I might be if all goes well (so that's also a great comfort!). (I have looked at others as well, but this one definitely seems to be the most safe and I can really see myself living there- there is also not a huge wait for the apartment I want unlike many other places had).  Tomorrow I only have time to break my lease at this complex before I go to lab/clinicals, so I will have to wait until Thursday morning to sign the papers at the other place- please say a prayer that nobody rents it in the mean time! I will update as soon as I know!


  1. lydia!!!!!!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of that!!!! I hope everything clears up with the new place!! love you!

  2. Annie, I literally just found out in the last 5 minutes that I got the new apartment!!! I'm sooo excited and relieved! I'll text you later! (I move July 10th...will still be living close to you)