Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Favorite Picks: Dog Days of Summer

Thought I'd start something new this week...I'm going to dedicate the next few blog posts to my favorite things that make life easier! I'll be dividing them into categories (makeup, candles/air freshners,pet supplies, cleaning products, cooking,etc). Today's favorites picks are top dog care products in honor of the dog days of summer!:

1. Premier Easy Walk Dog Harness - it's amazing! It keeps your pup from pulling at the leash (traditional harnesses actually encourage pulling and create a "sled dog" effect ;) This not only is the perfect harness for your pup- it also stays off of their sensitive tracheal area and rests instead on their breastbone which is much safer! It is also incredably easy to put on for walks- the band that goes around their waist is a different color than the band that goes around the rest of them so it's a sinch to get them ready for walks!

(This pattern is called "Silverado" and is the one I use for my pup)
2. Lupine Collars and Leashes....not only do they come with a life-time gurantee (Even if your pup chews it- they will replace them no questions asked!), they're very well made and also quite cute! (Memphians can get them at Hollywood Feed. I use the adjustable collar and the padded handle lead for my dog.

3. Nature's Miracle Advance Stain & Odor Remover: It works like a charm, need I say more?!?! You will never buy another carpet cleaner again!!

4. Grannick Bitter Apple Original Spray - works great when you don't want your dog/cat chewing up things in your home! It also works well as far as some obedience training goes too (mine gets a little spray in his mouth anytime he tries to snap or steal food/etc.) I also spray it on houseplants/etc to keep my pets away. If you have a stubborn chewer- they make stronger products.

5. Kong dog products- they seriously are the most durable! I like the classic Kong (left) because I can put puppy food/treats in it and give my dog something fun to work on when I have to leave the house. He associates me leaving with getting a treat/reward so it stays positive and he does not develop seperation anxiety issues. It's a win/win! The Kong Wubba toys are also a huge hit with Ranger!

6. Tire Biter Paw Tracks Dog Toys- This toy has been a huge hit for at least 3 dogs that I know of- my boyfriend's German Shepherd, Beau, my old German Shepherd, Hagan (who is in heaven), and my current Australian Shepherd, Ranger- this sucker is virtually indestructable!!! I highly recommend it for heavy chewers!

7. FURminator deShedding Tool - Worth its weight in gold! Seriously- you will never buy any other brush/comb again!!! (A little tip - you can find them cheaper online through or than you can most of the time in petstores ;))

8.  Outward Hound Treat N' Ball Bag - I have one very similar to the stripped one in the picture. It is fantastic! You can clip it onto your pants or your purse when you're out for walks in the park or petstore. It has a drawstring on the top so the dog treats stay fresh, you can put doggie bags in the side for your walks, and it has a mesh pouch on half of one side to put a tennis ball in. These are awesome little training accessories! (When I take my pup for walks/runs in the park, I typically have enough room in it to put a mini water bottle, my cell phone, my car key, and a few dog treats/bags so that I don't have to lug around my purse!

9.Top Paw Fragrance Sprays & Shampoo for Dogs: Vanilla Milk & Honey (Oh Baby, Sweet & Simple- puppy spray). This stuff smells SOOO yummy. It's inexpensive, safe to use on even the most sensitive puppies, and it makes them smell amazing! I use the puppy shampoo in the same scent as well!

10. Petsmart Frisbee's - Ranger has 4 of them (training him with them for agility/etc) They're a huge hit around here and you can find them for under $1 at Petsmart! :) They are fun to toss around and best of all my high-energy puppy gets the exercise and mental stimulation he needs from an interactive game of frisbee. (Side note- he is not a tough chewer as far as frisbees go- if you have have a dog that is- consider a more durable one from the Kong line of dog toys!)

11. American Kennel Club dog toys- When Jack got little Ranger for me, his Aunt Pam gave us an AKC squirrel dog toy- it has been Ranger's absolute favorite toy from day 1. He carries it everywhere, plays with it, you name it! The squirrel has been such a huge hit that I got him the "duck" as well. Both toys have yet to be torn up and are his favorites! I'd highly recommend them. They're well-made and durable! I think he enjoys them soo much because they sound and look realistic.

12. Doggy Treats/ Chews- I will combine my top dog treat picks and list them. When training a dog it is SOOO important to reward them and keep it positive. I give my dog treats for "services rendered" it is not a bribe, he has to earn them. Different levels of training/tricks deserve different rewards- the more difficult the task I assign him- the more incentive I give him by offering a variety of treats. :) Here are my top training treat picks!:

Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats (berry) , Nylabone Zzazz! Edible Dental Action Chew

Pet Botanics Training Reward Treats, Gimborn Pro-Treat Liver Treats for Dogs (These are by far the BEST training treats on the market. You can cut them into small pieces too so that they tub lasts longer- they're worth every penny! I use them to reward with when I'm teaching an especially challenging trick/command.)

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wholesome Chews

13. 21st Century Clean Ear - this stuff is fantastic at helping keep my floppy ear puppy infection/buildup free!

14. Bamboo Large QUADBRUSH Dog Toothbrush with Holder -This thing is awesome! I normally use it with a non-foaming dog friendly toothpaste. For the record- most dogs start to show signs of gingivitis by age two. It's preventable with properly brushing and will save you a ton of money as far as having your vet do regular dental cleanings!

15. Homeagain Pet Microchip -Aside from the obvious flea/tick/heartworm prevention (I recommend K9 Advantix, and Heartguard Plus for those), aside from spaying/neutering and properly vaccinating your pet- one of the most important things you can do is ensure that it always has proper ID on at all times. (Proper fitting collar and current ID tags.) Sometimes despite our best intentions though, dogs can get loose and sometimes they can manage to get out of their collars- this is where the microchip comes into play. Almost every single shelter/vets office across the country scans all new pets for microchips nowdays. They save lives and reunite pets with their owners. It only takes a few moments to microchip a pet, but the peace of mind it will give you can last a lifetime! I worked for Animal Control for quite a while and saw first hand the difference microchips make! If you want to do one thing and make one investment in your pet- please consider having them microchipped (and make sure you register it!). Even if you think your pet won't run away, you never know when a natural disaster will strike and it could come in handy (Many pets were reunited with their owners after Hurricane Katrina as a result of them being microchipped!)

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