Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look what the cat drug in....

I'm pretty sure Lucky has become accustom to me referring to him as "that damn cat".  At this point, he may just think that it is his name! He is always doing strange things around my house! He's been living here since August (my sister had to move and was unable to take him to her new home). Since he's moved in, there has not been a dull moment! He has taught my other two cats how fun it is to jump onto tables, counter-tops, and cabinet tops too! (Something that makes my slightly OCD self flip out at the thought of pet fur on my table or counter tops! Ahh thank goodness for Clorox wipes and good cleaning products!)

Onto today's little "adventure"... Lucky has decided recently that he fetches...mostly random items of sorts...a dog toy here, a piece of paper there a stray flake of cereal, an occasional ink pen. 

Today, Lucky moved onto a new challenge...scavenging the basket I keep in the guest bathroom. A little bit of background: my sister's children stay with me often since they home-school. So, I keep a cute little open basket in the guest bathroom with toiletries for them (toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental floss, bath bombs,deodorants, TAMPONS....) 

You can pretty much guess what happened next....
Lucky decided that tampons make excellent toys! I was sitting on my couch watching television when Lucky comes running into the living room and stops right at my feet. He then proceeded to sit a tampon down in front of my feet like he was presenting me with a prized mouse or toy! I almost stroked lol! He was so proud of himself!!! I am still laughing myself silly over this. I'm just glad he didn't do this during a dinner party or a date!!! Can you imagine?? Hahaha... Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in my home!

In case you were wondering, Lucky is a Tampax Pearl kinda guy!

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