Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tea Tree Oil

For those of you with piercings like me, let me let you in on a little secret: Tea Tree Oil!

It's incredible! For under $10 at most pharmacies you can pick up a bottle. I use it for the occasional piercing issue. (Hypertrophic scars: A lot of people develop these excessive tissue build up or "bubbles" on their piercing sites: especially if you have any type of nasal or cartilage piercing. Many people confuse Hypertrophic scars with Keloids, but they are not the same! Keloids are typically much more serious and often need to be surgically removed. The vast majority of piercing "bubbles" that most people develop are really Hypertrophic scars. The great news about these is that they can be easily treated in most cases and will go away! One of the best treatments for them is to apply a small amount of Tea Tree Oil to a q-tip and apply it directly to the Hypertrophic scar site once a day (Only once a day so that you do not cause irritation to the skin and dry out the surrounding area too much. If you're not sure you can handle a full strength application, dilute the q-tip with water. For reference, my skin is fairly sensitive, but I can still use a full strength application!)

I have a tiny little spot on the back of my tragus piercing and have been using Tea Tree oil on it once daily for the past week- it is almost gone now! (I'm good about not touching my piercings, so I think I must have developed the little spot just from moving around in my sleep at night). Typically, I clean my piercings twice a day (Once in the shower with Provon soap, and once at night with H2Ocean spray (that stuff is AMAZING, especially on piercings that can be in a difficult area to clean, like a tragus!). I've never had an infection, thankfully! 

Tea Tree Oil is not only for piercings though, it's fantastic for other uses! You can use it for cuts, blemishes, bug bites, canker sores, dry scalp, ear aches, hives, hair conditioning, house plants, washing machines, humidifiers, and the list  goes on and on!!!

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