Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ten Things Thursday

(Aussie In The Sunshine!)

For lack of a better topic today, here are 10 random thoughts rushing through my mind at the moment. In no particular order:

1. I can't sleep at the moment - insomnia + my current sickness crud = sleepless night and feeling like an 18 wheeler just ran over my body!

2. It is time to retire t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops for walks with my dogs....I almost froze earlier and had to run back inside to grab a coat before their last walk! I'm not a fan of this cold weather!

3. I rotate my candles according to season/decoration

4. Speaking of decorating, I've been "actively decorating" my apartment for several days now. I'm hoping to finish up everything tomorrow (pictures to follow!)

5. I  get a little teary-eyed when I think that my puppy, Ranger will be 1 yr old at the end of January. It's crazy how big he's gotten!! Lord help me if I ever have a human child hahaha!

6. I hate doing is my least favorite chore! I would gladly exchange cleaning toilets if someone would take over my laundry! (I don't mind washing/drying clothes...just folding and putting away laundry!)

7. Clowns terrify me...I had a horrifying circus-related experience when I was a little girl and the movie "IT" really didn't help things!

8. This year's Christmas color scheme at my place will include: burgendies, crystals, chocolates, & deep golds.

9. I go to pick up my new glasses today! This is the first time I've had new eye glasses in several years. I'm excited! I have a huge fear of eye doctors so I literally put off making an appointment until I was down to my last contact and my old glasses were broken haha. Wouldn't you know it that Walmart of all places has a wonderful optometry center! I was able to get the oil changed in my car while a very sweet new eye doctor took a look at my eyes and gave me a much needed check up. He also was nice enough not to terrify me during my appointment! Who knows, maybe I'll go to the eye doctor more often than every 3-4 years now haha!

10. "Sarah Palin's Alaska" = Scarry!! Just sayin... I was flipping through channels earlier and low and behold I landed on that one to find her and teaching her children how to gut fish. EW.

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