Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis The Season!

Tis the Season for Cheesy Santa Pictures!!!
(Humane Society Christmas Fundraiser 2010)

On Sunday, Jack and I took my dogs Ranger and Macy to our local Humane Society for their annual Christmas picture fundraiser. It was too fun and we got got some great pictures! Judging on the huge turnout, I hope that they were able to raise a good bit of money for the animals in their care at the shelter. Both of my dogs were very cooperative thankfully. Macy was a little nervous initially because she thought I was "returning her"; I adopted her from the Humane Society at the end of August (she lived there for over two years before I adopted her). So bless her heart, she was a little nervous when we walked into the rescue and then some weirdo in a red suite picked her up!! All of the staff there was thrilled to see how good Macy looked and how happy she was with her new "brother", Ranger. Ranger was happy to see everyone and seemed to actually enjoy wearing the antlers they let us borrow! I also loved that the staff had a special room set up for each family's photo shoot so that the dogs wouldn't be distracted by other animals walking around during the pictures!

This one is my favorite picture of Ranger and Macy with Santa!
Santa's helpers would like lots of toys and treats for Christmas ;)
My sweet pups posing with Santa!

"Rudolph" Ranger got a little distracted haha
The antlers on Ranger remind me of the dog in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" hehe
Macy's santa hat was just a tad to big for her! (This picture turned out a little dark)
Macy "showing off" her pedicure; I spent all night grooming and bathing them the evening before their pictures since I totally forgot to make an appointment with the groomer!
Macy wasn't thrilled about meeting Santa hahaha
All three of them forgot to look at the camera

The staff asked Jack and I if we wanted in the pictures too! Of course we want cheesy pictures haha!

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  1. LOL! yeah, macy is sporting those sad puppy dog eyes. hehe... cute pics!!