Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Things Thursday

(Are you ready for Christmas? Stocking Puppy, Chance, is ready!! How cute is my niece's new pup?!)

A random compilation of thoughts today:

1. Vin Disel is friggin hot... I could watch "XXX" over and over again for that one actor haha

2. I'm almost finished Christmas shopping- Ya!!!

3. I woke up this morning at 7am CRAVING clue why! Thankfully that went away haha...

4. I still love to watch old reruns of "The Flintstones" and "The Jetsons" cartoons

5. I think it's funny everytime one of my cats walks near the SSScat device that I strategically placed underneath my Christmas tree- it works like a charm! (for those not familiar, it's pretty much a can of compressed air that has a motion sensor and triggers everytime it senses movement. Essentially, it means my cats can not get on my tree skirt or into the tree or presents!

6. I learned last weekend while at my sister's house that the purple gumdrops that come with gingerbread house kits are black licorice flavored...disghuting!!! (at least my family members had a good laugh at my expense)

7. I like the Ana Free version of  "Angie"-Rolling Stones better than the origional. The girl is awesome!! Check her out: "Angie"

8. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail (and sending them!) There's nothing like a beautiful card to make your day and you have to love that for once it's a nice card and not a bill haha

9. I love walking around my apartment in colorful, fluffy socks- is there anything better??

10. The one advantage to having a collasped lung/phrenic nerve palsy is that you can't bend well; that means that you can't paint your toes yourself....therefore, salon pedicures are totally allowable! :)


  1. you are adorable!! and so positive!! thank you for my Christmas card!! love you chica!

  2. Love you too girl!! Can't wait to see you soon!