Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Ranger!!!

Today is my beloved little Australian Shepherd, Ranger's first birthday! I can not believe how quickly he has grown and how much this sweet little guy has changed my life in such a short span of time! It seems like just yesterday when Jack surprised me with a little ball full of fluff the night before Easter. Jack knew how much I had missed my other Aussie and how I talked about them constantly. He apparently conspired with my sister Kimmy for quite a while to try and find the perfect match for me. How Sweet! None of the local shelters/rescues had a puppy that fit the bill, so he decided to do a lot of research and find a wonderful breeder. That led him on quite the journey. a round-trip from Memphis to Missouri and back. He told me that he would be out flying all day, so I didn't think anything of him going out of town. I just went about my day and then went to Target that night. On my way back home, I got a call from Jack asking where I was and when I would be back home to let him in. (We don't live together and at the time, I had just moved into my old apartment and had yet to make key's for everyone.) When I got home that night, I pulled back the vertical blinds and turned on the porch light to let Jack inside of my apartment (he had just jumped over my patio and hung out there until I got home). When I opened up the blinds and door, I could not belive what I saw- there stood Jack with the most amazing little puppy....the one that I had unknowingly picked out several weeks prior when we were looking at puppy pictures at Ihop during one of the first large Memphis snows of 2010. Since he had been all of the way in Missouri, I never even entertained the idea that it would be a possibility to get the little guy. What a surprise when I found out he was mine! :)

That's the "short" version of Ranger's story. Since I've had him he has been such a wonderful dog. He has finished Puppy, Intermediate, and Advanced training classes. He passed his Canine Good Citizen test last saturday (Jan.22)- All before his first birthday! He will begin agility classes on Saturday and we are also in full swing with training so that Ranger and I can become a certified therapy team. Any job you give him, he excells at and strives to please. I'm looking foward to many, many more years to come with this amazing dog!

Happy First Birthday, Ranger!

It's hard to believe he's grown soo quickly!

Ranger on his first birthday, today!


  1. Happy Birthday Ranger! It's Oreo's 5th birthday today, too! haha, how ironic!

  2. Aww that's sweet they have the same birthday! Hope Oreo enjoyed his special day too!