Friday, January 28, 2011


So this week I actually discovered a red wine that I absolutely love, not just tolerate. A little background, I'm a fairly light drinker and have pretty much been a non-existant one since my heart surgery and the complications that went along with that. (While I do enjoy an occassional glass, I do have a few self-imposed rules:  I never drink if I'm angry, sad, or in a bad mood. None for me whatsoever if I have to drive (that should be a no-brainer, but for a lot of people unforunately, it isn't). I also refuse to drink around anyone that I know admittedly has drinking issue; no need to to influence someone in a negative way.. ) Anyways, during a recent trip to my doctor, I was FINALLY told that a glass with dinner on occassion would be safe now, so that was welcome news! 

While Jack and I visited with our friends at their apartment, my sweet friend, Gina gave me a glass of the most delicious red wine! It was not bitter, and it didn't leave a nasty aftertaste like many do. (I'm a white wine kind of girl). I aboslutely loved this red though, so I thought I'd pass on the suggestion for those of you who like an occassional glass. I think it would also be a nice wine to incorporate with a good recipe as far as cooking goes too! I will definitely be trying this one out in a nice red wine cream spaghetti sauce (I'm thinking something along the lines with roma tomatoes, bell peppers, brown sugar, onion, garlic, meat, asiago, cream, block parm and gouda, and fresh herbs wish a few splashes of wine: I'll post pictures and the ingredients I decide on when I decide to make spaghetti again and try on this wine in it). I think it would also be a nice addition to a beef stew recipe or a great chicken/steak marinade!

And the winner is: Yellow Tail's Cabernet Sauvignon! Now, those of you who are legal and enjoy wine: GO BUY SOME NOW! Not only is it delicious; it's also inexpensive, which is great for those of you who enjoy an occassional drink but also watch your spending like I do!


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