Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!!

Baby Kendall on her way home for the first time. How precious is this sweet little angel?!?!

On Monday, my niece Jackie and her husband Daniel welcomed their first little one into the world! They are such a sweet couple and are going to make such great parents! Kendall Ann Larkin (leaving the last name out to be safe) was born 6lbs 11oz, and 19.5" on Monday afternoon. As her great aunt, I might just be partial, but she is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! I aboslutely adore being an aunt and I can't wait to spoil this new little one rotten! I'm planning a trip to visit them once they get settled in; I can't wait to meet my sweet new great niece and hold her!

(For those of you who keep up with my rather large family, that puts the new nice/nephew count at 14! I love being an aunt and getting to share my life with all of them!  :)

~ Terri, Jackie, Sydney (Blake), Taylor, Isaac, Cooper, Kianna, Leedora, James, Jessica  (those are my nieces/nephews and foster nieces) and then there are Kaitlynn, Alexandrea, Brayden, and now little Kendall - those are the great nieces/nepehws!~

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