Wednesday, March 20, 2013

People that annoy me on the Internet: Top Ten Internet Offenders!

The Internet is full of many amazing things: cute animal pictures (I personally admit to taking a ton of my own beloved furbabies!), adorable baby pictures, recipes, crafty ideas, and all sorts of useful things! On that same note, it also has its downfalls in the form of people behaving badly! Surely, I'm not the only person out there that is absolutely driven crazy by all of the moronic things I see online via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Below is a list of what I've deemed to be the,"Top Ten Offenses" on the Internet! If you are guilty of these trespasses, please reform for the sake of humanity! 

1. Coming in at number one, the "Duck face." Stop! Unless you're a duck, this is never acceptable. Please do humanity a favor and just cut it out. It's not cute; you look like a moron.

2. The "Giveaway" phenomenon. You can't get two minutes into a beauty video on YouTube without people doing overly-sponsored giveaways in an attempt to build their followers. Why would you want people following your channel only for the things you might give them, not for if they really enjoy your videos? Focus on creating good content, and your channel will take care of itself. I get sick of constantly seeing giveaway videos, overly-sponsored product videos, and spam. (I understand an occasional giveaway to show love to your subscribers, but doing one in every single video is obnoxious.) 

3. The whole "First Comment!" thing on pictures and videos. Nobody cares if you're the first person to comment. It is really not that big of a deal. 

4. "If you follow so and so, I'll follow you back and give a shout out!" Twitter and Instagram are the worst offenders of this! Why on earth would I want to follow people I don't know/have nothing in common with, just so you MIGHT follow me back and mention me to more people I don't know? Maybe I'm showing my age here, but I just don't see the point of this.

5. People who take an obsessive amount of  "Selfie" pictures. A few nice pictures on occasion...awesome! Pictures of yourself every five minutes, pictures of you pretending to sleep, getting drunk, showing your butt off, or posing in a bathroom near a dirty mirror: not so awesome!

6. People who can not spell. For example, there are differences between the words: "their", "they're", and "their". Please learn it! I'm not trying to be mean; I have Dyslexia; I often mix up letters and words without realizing it. I myself am quite careful about grammar because of that. This said, people who don't try at all when it comes to proper grammar tend to get on my nerves. (I've bit my tongue more times than I can count, resisting the urge to correct poor grammar online. Please, stop butchering the English language! You're making yourself look uneducated; that is not a good thing. Typos and accidents happen; I have them too. At least try to correct it though, folks!)

7. People who feel the need to throw up "deuces" and hand signs, or stick their tongue out in every picture or video.You look like a moron, not a gangster. Stop. 

8. Depressing, cryptic status updates. Of course your friends/ family are going to ask you what's the matter when you come across as a suicidal person in your statuses! Responding with, "nothing" makes light of it. I've had very close loved ones who have struggled with depression and suicide attempts, so I take posts like that very seriously, and don't find it humorous if it's just a joke because you're bored. Unless you are genuinely depressed and need someone to talk to, please refrain from making a joke out of something so serious.(If you do need someone to talk to, this is the number to call, 1-800-273-TALK )

9. People who have fights on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Are you KIDDING me? That is about as tacky as it gets! If you have a problem with someone, address it in person or in a phone call/private message. Don't post it online for the entire universe to see, or bully total strangers.  You're better than that.

10. People who obsessively rant about politics, religion, race, and any sort of controversial topic in an obsessive, "I'm right and you're wrong" approach. I LOVE a good debate! I love conversing about those topics above, but I try to do so in a tasteful manner, and while keeping an open mind, even if I maintain my differing opinion. There is a tasteful way to debate. The only thing that you're doing by behaving in such a close-minded way, is convincing people that you're a bully. Instead of making people want to understand your viewpoint, you're pushing them away.

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