Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ranger and his girlfriend...

True story, my dog has a girlfriend. Ranger is a canine Casanova! When he's not hanging out at home with our own girls, he likes to hang out with the girl pups at our training facility. The dog that has always "had his heart" though is our friend's dog, Liebchen. (Isn't she gorgeous?! She's a long haired German Shepherd.) Ranger and Liebchen have been training together since they were puppies. Their birthdays are in the same week, and both are three years old now. I am so grateful that I have such an amazing friendship with her family (they're awesome!), and that Ranger and Liebchen get along so well! It's a lot of fun getting to see them interact not only in a training setting, but also when they play on Liebchen's farm together and run around with the horses there. 

Here they are riding in the car on the way to Novice on Monday night.
(Novice is a step-up from Advanced Obedience, and helps to garner their focus in the show ring, or in a therapy setting. Ranger is a registered therapy dog, and his Liebchen is a sweet therapy dog-in-training. They are the best of friends!) 
 Happy pups enjoying their car ride together!
Are we there yet? We're ready to train!

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