Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Happenings

                         Laid Back Saturday Happenings:

I thought I would give a little update today of my Saturday happenings so far since I was a little lost for a good blog topic today. It's been a pretty laid back day here. (That's a welcome change from the hectic week I had!) We had quite the little rainstorm today too. I'm thankful that it rained though; hopefully it will clear out a lot of the pollen that has been making my allergies a royal nightmare lately!

This afternoon Jack and I took little Ranger to his first puppy class at Petsmart. I think Ranger enjoyed himself today; he had fun meeting all of the new puppies and people at the store. Ranger is one spoiled rotten puppy too; all of the staff at our local Petsmart always give him tons of hugs and treats everytime that I take him in (they know him by name already!). He's doing wonderful as far as socialization goes so far. I'm really hoping that he keeps up this amazing little personality he has right now- he's soo sweet natured! My hope is to have Ranger become a certified therapy dog once he finishes all of his classes. It'll take a little over 2 years, but I think it's well worth it! Dogs like Australian Shepehrds really thrive when they have a "job to do" and I definitely could see him brightening the lives of other people as a therapy dog someday.  He'll need to pass the following classes before he can be tested: puppy (which he's currently enrolled in), intermediate, advanced, and then canine good citizen. After all of that he can be evaluated and will hopefully qualify for his certification.

After Ranger's puppy class today, Jack and I grabbed a little lunch and then he helped me plant some more plants on my patio garden (while all of the cats and the puppy supervised through the patio screen door haha)! I had a great time hanging out with my sweet boyfriend for a little while, and it was fun to plant some nice flowers together. I'm soo excited to have more of my little patio garden put together too! I will take some new pictures of the patio garden soon. I'm planning on making a few more trips to the local garden centers and Garden Ridge before I'm officially finished decorating outside, but I think I'm getting close!

Now it's time to devote the rest of my weekend to studying for Monday's final! I've been studying up for quite a while now, so I'm praying I do well! If all goes well on that final, then I'll start RT 301 at the beginning of May. I'm soo nervous/etcited! To all of my faithful blog followers, please say a few prays that my nerves subside and I do well on the final! I'm thinking about requesting the hospital that I'm currently doing my clinical rotation at for my next rotation- I love it there! We'll see though. :)

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