Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

I decided today would be a wonderful day to make a list of all the things that I'm greatful for today. It's been a tough week, so I thought this would help put things into perspective! Here goes:

1. I passed my practicum stations on the first attempt today! Ya! (I now only have a few left to do next week!)

2. Clinicals were wonderful tonight. My patients were soo sweet, and we had a bit of a laid back night which was a welcome change!

3. My sister Kimmy made pancakes for dinner! When I got to her house tonight to pick up Ranger, there were pancakes! (she is an angel and puppy-sits him while I'm at the hospital) That was pretty awesome!

4. All of the plants in my big aquarium are growing incredably well and the water levels are perfect now! (That means I can transfer my fish from the tank they were temporarily in at my mom's house to mine soon!)

5. I'm much closer to being "unpacked" today than I was a week ago!

6. I have a precious little puppy curled up in my lap sound asleep right now. :)

7. I have wondeful boyfriend that loves me very much (and the feeling is mutual!)

8. I got to see my sweet friend, Annie, for a few minutes tonight!

9.It was beautiful outside today

10. I didn't break my neck today, despite the fact that I tripped 3 times. (at least everyone, including me, had a good laugh!)


  1. aww... well i have a sweet friend lydia, who left me a sweet comment on my page, and I accidentally deleted it :/ sorry... lol. I will def get you the potato salad recipe though!!!

    love you!!


  2. Aww I love you too girly! Can't wait to see you again soon! It was great to have you over the other night for a few minutes. By the way, that potato salad recipe sounds great too!

    P.S. Let's go to Jerry's soon...white wedding cake supreme's sound good!!

  3. Hey Lydia! I have tagged you with The Sunshine Award!