Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Flowers!

Since the wether has been soo lovely lately, I thought today would be perfect for planting a few flowers! My aunt came over this afternoon for a little while and we had a good time decorating my patio with lots of little containers filled with flowers! I'm only about 1/2 way done right now, so stay tuned for future updates! I plan to pay the local nursery a few more visits when I get a chance.  Here are a few pictures from today's festivities:

         Newly planted additions in one of my handpainted pots!

Welcome to my patio!
Insanely oversized hammock (needs to be replaced with something smaller!) and the other part of my patio!

Part of my patio flower basket

My flowers with a few of the nearby trees in the background

Another view of the patio (it's still a work in progress! I plan to change out the hammock for something smaller and to add more plants!)

Two of my new hanging baskets (these beauties will be planted in my new baskets soon and hung up once I get a chain extension for them!)

Part of the view from my patio :)

Another view of some more flowers!

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