Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh the things little ones say....

This morning my dad picked me up so that we could run some errands. While I was waiting my turn in line, a little boy and his mom stood in line behind me. The little boy looked like he was around 3-4 years old and was adorable (dark curly hair, eyes that make you want to melt, and a t-shirt that said "rockstar")! While I was waiting in line, I felt a tug on my coat; it was the little boy. I knew he was about to tell me something really important based on how huge his eyes got! That's when he blurted out, "I have a penis!". After the initial shock of his unexpected decleration hit me, I bit my cheeks and fought back tears of laughter. His poor momma looked mortified (The entire office was staring at him and trying not to laugh!). I wasn't really sure what to say to that statement, so I just said, "Congratulations little buddy, I'm happy for you." (I REALLY wanted to say, "Congratulations! I have a vagina!" but I figured that was 1. incredably inappropriate  2. would thoroughly confuse him, and 3. would leave his poor mom answering an untold number of questions in her already embaressed state.) When I turned back around in line, I heard the little boy's mom behind me scolded the little fella about telling strangers of his nether-region. (Once again, I had to fight back laughter and tears hahaha!) Ahh I love little kids and the funny things they say! That little guy totally made my day! (I also have a new found respect for my mom. There is no telling what sorts of embaressing things my sisters and I must have said when we were little!)


  1. oh my word!!!! LOL~~ so funny. in other news, I MISS YOU!!!! (oh, and renae would totally be jealous, i workout on base in a gym FULL of attractive marines :) love you!

  2. Annie you should have been there- I was fighting back tears trying not to laugh hahaha! (He had to be one of the most adorable little boys ever too; soo cute!!)

    I grabbed a bite to eat with Renae today for lunch. We both miss you soooooo much girl! Can't wait till you and Roo come back for a visit! Love you too!