Monday, November 15, 2010

Where Are My Keys?!?!?!?!

Don't you hate that feeling of panic that strikes you when you realize you've can't find your keys? I had a little surprise on Friday when I took my dogs to the dog park. Since it's literally attached to the back of my apartment, it's no big deal to take my dogs seperately and spend time training each of them, so I took them one at a time that day. Lets just say I learned my lesson the first time around with Ranger! While him and I were in the field training on his long lead, I had left his short leash and my treat/ball bag (which had my car/apartment keys in it) on one of the picnic tables nearby like a lot of other people do. Ranger and I were soo distracted with his training that I didn't notice the stelth white Labradoodle run off with not only the treat bag, but my attached car keys! What a smart little buggar!! When Ranger and I started walking back toward the table I panicked a little when I didn't see my keys! I walked from my apartment to the dog park, so even though I didn't need my car keys, I still needed my house key to get back into my apartment, so I was defintiely concerned for a brief moment there. Thankfully my "freak out" was brief when I saw the klepto pup nearby making a meal out of the treats in the treat bag lol! The Labradoodle's owner realized what happened at the same time as I did and immediately ran over and gave me my treat bag & car keys back while Ranger made friends with the new dog and tried to herd him haha
Lesson learned; Never leave a treat bag with your house key unattended at the dog park, keep it cliped on your pants!

(In a side note....I still think that mix has the funniest name: "Labradoodle"...just sounds goofy everytime I say it lol!)

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