Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Remember the fire-alarm schenanigans of recent times and how horrid they were? Well, I had finally victoriously resolved the issue of the chirping alarm in my master bedroom recently, only to wake up this morning and hear the fire alarm in the Crate Room chirping away. (Expletives ensued!) Now, I need to change that one too! Thankfully, the ceiling in that room is not vaulted, and the alarm should be easily reached with a step-ladder...looking on the bright side!

2. Last night I checked my email and saw that a package was delivered to my door (according to tracking/conformation information.) Great.....haha yeah, Not! For the umteenthhundreddamntime, there was no package at my front or back door, nor one in my mailbox. Yet again, the dishonest fuck of a postal worker stole my package and marked it as "delivered". So yet again, I had to call the company to tell them I never received my package, filed ANOTHER complaint with the postal service that will undoubtedly go unresolved again, and finally out of sheer frustration, re-routed the address for ALL of my packages to a relatives home, so I will hopefully get them in the future and not have to deal with the idiot postal worker stealing them. Humm I find it REALLY suspicious that it's only the beauty-related packages/magazines that are stolen, and never anything else...yup! (Please note that they were stolen, even with a sign on my front porch that says, "Smile, You're on Camera!"). I am seriously at my wits end!

3. I just decorated stockings to mail out with my Secret Santa's gift. Gotta love some glitter pens!

4. Yesterday, I finally finished decorating my Christmas tree! Yay! (I've never put it up this late before, but I'll blame this one on Pleurisy and just not feeling well.)

5. I need to spend some serious time folding laundry this week!

6. I also need to go to the grocery store....

7. Tomorrow is my niece's 18th birthday.(I still can't believe she's going to be 18!) I can't wait to spend some time with her celebrating!

8. Absolutely loving Korres "Jasmine" lip butter right now!

9.Next week, my "fun" goal in my spare time is to watch as many Christmas movies as I possibly can!

10. Coffee Mate's "Pecan Pralines" seasonal coffee creamer is Ahhh-mazing! (Go try it!) 

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