Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Three Dog Night

A Three Dog Night is a term coined by Inuit & Ranchers (origins are a bit sketchy on who coined the phrase first.)  who were working out on the range/etc and would need to sleep with their dogs at night to keep warm when the temperature dropped. A one dog night was chilly, a two dog night, cold, and a three dog night....well, REALLY cold! Ergo, the expression developed into something along the lines of, "Last night was so cold, it was a Three Dog Night!". After all, what's better on a cool night to keep you toasty other than three fluffy, happy dogs on your bed to keep you warm? Nothing! Even the band, "Three Dog Night" named themselves after the expression! Since the temperatures have dipped a bit around here lately, I can definitely relate, seeing as I have three fluffy, friendly puppies that just LOVE to share the bed and keep me warm at night when they're allowed up lol... 

This looks familiar. ;)
It's apparently a "Three Dog Night" at my home tonight! My dogs were also kind enough to offer a complimentary linen turn-down service while I was in the shower. Isn't they way they re-arranged my bed just lovely lol?

I love how they smile like they're so proud of themselves for being up there! 

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