Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So this morning, I got in my car, opened the garage door, and almost backed right into the delightful new hole the County created RIGHT by my driveway! I was not expecting this today! Guess I will NOT be running errands today after all.(You'd think they'd at least give you some sort of advanced notice.) 

Hopefully this will be repaired asap so my neighbors and I can drive around without our neighborhood resembling a war-zone! It's not just the road in front of my house, it's all up and down the street that they're repairing pot holes and damaged areas. I'm thankful they're fixing things; I just wish we would have had some sort of heads up! (They're working on the roads near my home that were damaged during recent storms.)  

In the mean time, I'm taking advantage of this "confinement" and enjoying a day around the house. I've got a yummy meal in the crock pot that should be ready in a few hours! (Roast with carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, garlic, basil, parsley, tons of yummy seasonings, and two fresh ears of corn!) I'm also enjoying watching one of my favorite DVD's with the puppies! (Any of you lovelies remember, "The Land Before Time" movie from the 90's? It was one of my very favorite childhood movies! I stumbled upon it in the $5 movie section at Target the other day and had to bring it home. I'm watching it now and I feel so nostalgic! :)

(In a side note: for those of you who watch my videos, I'm a bit behind in filming. I've been quite sick to say the least! I have a huge list of exciting new videos and reviews to come in the next few weeks once I'm feeling up to it,so stay tuned!) 

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