Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. This morning my coffee maker wouldn't work. I nearly cried and had a melt down. That's the grip my Keurig has on me. It's sad....but true. (Turns out all I needed to do was unplug it, then plug it back in and it worked just fine! ThankTheLord!)

2. Currently listening to some of Elvis' Gospel music and enjoying a cup of coffee. It's such an amazing way to unwind. Try it!

3. I am still really loving the DIY Gardner's Hand scrub that I made recently after discovering it on Pinterest. I love it so much that I even made a small batch of it for my mom!

4. Nothing makes me happier than having fresh flowers in my house. I guess that's just the florist in me. :)

5. True story: my mom just called a while ago and asked if I needed anything from the grocery store while she's out near my house, since we are going to get snow tomorrow. Want to know what's hilarious? The Weather Channel's site says that we *might* get a slight dusting of in under 1". I love my mom lol. She thinks we're going to be trapped in our homes for a week! This is what happens when it snows in the South. Everyone panics, buys out the grocery store, forgets how to drive, and then we only get a few tiny snow flurries. Calm down people! (In a side note, if we did get a significant snow accumulation, I would welcome it! We haven't had anything truly significant in the way of snow in years around'd be fun to have some true snow for a few days!)

6. Lip Balm Favorite of the week: Nivea's Lip Butter in "Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss" (I found mine at Rite Aid in the lotion section of the store.)

7. Tonight I plan to depot some makeup singles and smaller compacts into my new Z-palettes. I'll do a blog post soon and let you guys know how that turns out! Wish me luck, because I've never attempted to depot anything before. Thankfully, there are some terrific depotting tutorials on YouTube, so that helps. (The purpose of depotting all of the smaller containers is to have everything organized into one nice, neat palette, rather than cluttered all over the place. If you're a MAC fan, don't toss those containers, save them because when you return six to the store (Back to Mac) you'll get to pick out a free lipstick! For your other containers, Origins offers free recycling for any cosmetic containers.

8. I had such a fun lunch with my sweet Cousin Barton today! You would think given our age difference (I'm 27 and he's 72) that we would have nothing in common to talk about...but it's just the opposite! We can talk about anything and everything. There's never a lull in our conversations. Over the years, he's truly become one of my most cherished friends and confidants. (He's my dad's first cousin. He's like a second father to me.) Today's hilarious moment included me hoping into the car to go to lunch with him, and hearing Ke$ha playing on his radio! When I asked him if he knew who Ke$ha was, his response was "Yes, she's the girl with the dollar sign in her name, right? I like that song of her's about the pendulum ("TiK ToK"). It was hilarious! Our conversation over lunch ranged from gun control, to the Manhattan Project, "Family Man", to pop music.

9. On the note of lunch, while were were eating earlier, I discovered that I had been wearing my shirt backwards all day. Awesome! (I am NOT a morning person lol.)

10. I'm counting down the days until Nick and I go to the Elton John concert. Who's excited? This girl!!!

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