Saturday, February 2, 2013

The secret to clear skin???

My biggest "secret" to keeping my skin clear is some of the most simple advice I could give: keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean! If you have a difficult time remembering what brushes you've used recently and need to wash, keep a container near your makeup area that is strictly for "dirty brushes", so you'll know which ones you need to wash. I clean my brushes daily after each use with either an alcohol-free makeup wipe (easy if I'm in a hurry), or Sonia Kushuk's spray brush/sponge cleaner that you can pick up from Target. Once a week, I like to deep clean all of my brushes and sponges. This helps keep bacteria at bay so that you have clean tools to work with, and you're not spreading germs and grime all over your face...thus causing dreaded break outs!
When I deep clean my brushes and sponges, I mix equal parts Dawn Dish Soap and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in a cup, gently swirl a brush in the solution, and then run the brush back and forth on the palm of my hand under warm water. (The Dawn cleans away all of the dirt and grime, and the EVOO reconditions and softens the brush hairs. This works on both natural and synthetic brushes, as well as sponges. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Next you should gently wring the brush hairs out by squeezing them downwards between your fist. Reshape the brush, and then lay flat to dry on a thick dish towel. (You can also use a rubberband to group multiple brushes together and then a clothespin to hang them up to dry if you prefer that method.) A brush roll/reshapers are also good investments, but not necessary.
Use caution when washing your brushes, not to get the metal on your brushes wet or you could damage the brush and cause it to separate. You want to be gentle when cleaning your brushes so you do not tear the hairs out.) When you wash your sponges, I suggest washing them between the palms of your hands and avoiding contact with your fingernails so that they do not damage or tear the sponges surface.
Hope todays post helps you lovelies keep your brushes and your faces beautiful!

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