Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back to Blogging!

"Where have you been?"

This is a question I keep seeing pop up in blog messages, as well as on my YouTube channel. For my faithful subscribers that have stuck with me: Thank you for your patience. I greatly appreciate your kindness. Just to clarify:

I am ok! 

Since my last post, life has been a bit of a whirlwind! There have been many wonderful positives, and also, few negatives as well. Due to health concerns, my home being broken into (and a subsequent move), surgeries, as well as the desire for a bit more privacy, I felt it best to simplify things for a period of time and take a break from select social media. This break included both my blog and YouTube channel. This was a difficult decision as I genuinely enjoy blogging and filming. Both are fun outlets that allows me a chance to positively channel my creativity and interact with others that share similar interests. 

Sometimes, life can become hectic and overwhelming though. I've found it so important to listen to my body and know when it's best to take a step back and slow down for a while. Life is just too short to feel burnt out, and to watch your passions turning into mundane chores, instead of something you look forward to. For me, avoiding the latter from happening meant that I needed to take a bit of a break so I could come back refreshed, and excited to post again, when I was ready. I'm so happy to be back and to start creating fun new content!

So much has happened since my last post, so I will dedicate a post soon to recap a bit of what's been going on in the past year. For now, the plan is to delve into a regular posting schedule that is more predictable! Even though I took a break from blogging, I continued taking pictures..lots of them! So, I have quite a few pictures saved up for some great future blog posts, including recipes, reviews, and DIY's! I plan to revamp this blog and make it more interactive and fun, with weekly features! (More on that later.) I'm also planning to make the page itself more easy to navigate by categorizing my posts so you can quickly search for topics that hold your interest. Since this is a lifestyle blog that I cover various topics in, I've decided on a posting schedule to keep the blog posts interesting, and also give readers something to look forward to! My next post will be a blog schedule, so you lovely readers can know when to expect content during the week.

So let's pick up where we last left off, shall we?!

-My last blog post was in April of 2013, before my home was broken into.  It was a post dedicated to my beautiful late grandmother, Nannie (Mary Dell). As I am writing my current post, I am saddened update that my other lovely grandmother, Granny (Ruth) passed away recently, on Mother's Day. It has been a heartbreaking time for our family. It has also become a time for reflection and personal growth. These beautiful women played such wonderful roles in my life, and impacted me in ways that I will always cherish. I feel that I can pay their life-lessons and kindness forward by sharing my passions with others, and allowing their legacies to live on. So, what better time than now to revamp my passion a bit and restart this blog! I hope you'll join me again on my blogging journey and let me know what sort of posts you would enjoy seeing. 

As always, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog. I hope it will inspire you to create and thrive in your own life! 

Just a side note I felt I should address: Eventually, I hope to revamp my YouTube channel as well. For the time being however, I will be blogging exclusively as I am too ill to film right now.

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