Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Posting Schedule

New Posting Schedule

  • Monday: Makeup Mondays. I'll be devoting Mondays to one of my favorite topics: Makeup! Brace yourself for some colorful, fun swatches and pictures! This will be an opportunity to provide you with honest, endorsement-free reviews that will be straight-froward and tell you if I think a product is worth the hype, or a complete flop! I will also include topics like choosing value products vs poor quantity, drugstore dupes for high-end products, organizing your collection, low-buys, decluttering your old makeup, etc.
  • Tuesday: Tea & Tunes Tuesday. This will be the day devoted to my tea obsession...err addiciton! I will take you through reviews of my favorite tea varieties, share steeping information, reviews on various brands, and flavor notes. While you're learning about these wonderful drinks, I will also share with you the music I'm currently enjoying!
  • Wednesday: WiggleButt Wednesday: This is the day I will devote to all things fluffy! A fun time for sharing all of the cute pictures of our furbabies. I will also use this as a day to cover topics such as: training, safety, handling, grooming, diet, and Therapy work topics as well.
  • Thursday: Thursday Thoughts: This will be a day for sharing whatever is on my mind. It will cover a range of topics from politics, and ethics, to poetry, health, humor, and religion. In the past year alone, I have awakened a bit and drastically changed my view on many things both politically, and personally. I've also gone though a lot of recent medical struggles, so I may share some of that in my posts. I find it a gift to provoke others positively to think and inspire creative ideas and resolutions in our homes, communities, and around the globe. I feel this is a good format to have positive, honest thought-provoking discussions. Understanding everyone may have different opinions, feel free to weigh in on discussions, but do please keep the comments tasteful and kind. Nobody likes a bully. 
  • Friday: Friday Favorites & Fails! This will be an opportunity to share with my readers the things that I'm enjoying! Anything from household items, hair care, and bodycare, to books, kitchen gadgets, candles, restaurants, or movies! This is a day to rave about what I'm loving, or rant about a disappointing product.
  •  Saturday: This will be the day that I do not blog on, so I can enjoy a little down time. If the mood strikes however, I may use it as an alternate day for random posts that I want to share! This includes things like like Home Decor, DIY's, Pinterest items I've made, comics, or other crafts.
  • Sunday: Skillet Sundays: Brace yourselves for some delicious recipes! Sundays will be devoted to some of my favorite recipes and kitchen tips! 

*I may change the names of the topics for each day to something more catchy, but hopefully you get the general idea of what to expect with this new posting schedule! Tomorrow I will be posting a quick "year in review" to catch everyone up to speed about my life lately!* 

Since life can be busy at times, I may skip a few posts here and there, but for the most part, this is the schedule I will try to stick with for posting. :) 

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