Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Post 4th Musings

Powerful thought as we pass the 4th of July celebrations. It's important to remember our history as a nation, and what occurred between then and now. It always makes me sad when I reflect on the people who truly founded this beautiful place, and what heartache they endured. | My moms side has a little Cherokee, so I've always had mixed feelings about celebrating certain holidays, without also fully acknowledging what else went on during those times as well. All history has both a good and bad side to it, and we shouldn't pick and chose what we share and teach. The sacrifices of so many shouldn't be forgotten while we selectively celebrate other lives and enjoy our fireworks and flags. 

I'm very thankful for where I live; we are richly blessed by the sacrifice of many, many brave lives that made to make it what it is today: home. Amazing people from all walks of life have had a hand in the freedoms we celebrate now, even when their own freedoms were sacrificed. The best way to honor our ancestors, is to acknowledge their existence and the roles they played in shaping our nation. Part of progressing forward involves also reflecting backwards and learning from history. (This really isn't just a US post; all over the world, civilizations have repeated the same scenarios over and over for thousands of years.) Sacrifices shouldn't be forgotten, and one creed shouldn't be put above another. What some think was a nation founded on religious freedom, was actually one  founded on the bloodshed and slavery of innocent lives. We should acknowledge their sacrifices as well in our celebrations. 

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