Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites:

- I found these "Crispy Green: Crispy Fruit" snacks at Fresh Market recently, and they were amazing! I shared them recently with my Mom and Aunt, and they loved them too!
-Lupine Coupler for walks with both Aussies. Absolutely nothing beats the quality and durability of the Lupine brand's collars, leashes, and couplers. They are an excellent company and I can't recommend them enough! Their coupler has excellent durability, distributes weight evenly, and the clips are made in such a way that they can't be forced outward, allowing a dog to break free. (The Aussies are also wearing 1" Lupine collars in the picture, and using a Lupine 1" leash.)

-This Goji Berry & Tea candle from Target! I loved the scent so much recently that I froze the remaining wax, and cut it up to use in my tart warmers just so I could use it even more! 

-Pineapple! I absolutely love fresh pineapple. I probably share an equal love for my pineapple core tool. It's amazing, and one of those kitchen gadgets I reach for often! I forgot to take an after picture, but essentially, if you cut the top of the pineapple, you then twist the core tool down, and wind up with a perfectly cored pineapple, and lots of delicious pineapple rings to eat! Mine is from Target, but Bed Bath & Beyond should have them too, if you want to use a coupon with it!

-Dryer balls! These are from Homegoods, but you can find them in most stores. They are genius!

They're cheap, non-toxic, soften clothes, reduce drying time, and extend the life of your clothing by reducing lint. These are also safe to use with dry-wick gym clothing and towels because they won't leave behind any residue and reduce effectiveness. 

----------Friday Fails----------
These two mascaras below we're awful; I am so happy to be finished with them! The top one is from the drugstore and was just a clumpy, goopy mess! It weighed down my lashes, without making them any longer or fuller. The formula also faded during the day.

The Smashbox mascara was a free mini sample, and was worse than the drugstore mascara. It was horrendous! If it's possible for a mascara to actually make your lashes look worse, this one did that! The formula was extremely dry, and all this did was make my long eyelashes actually look a bit stumpy. It also flakes horribly, which irritated my eyes. 

-"Walking with the Dinosaurs, The Movie". I rented this from Redbox the other day, and regretted my decision as soon as I started playing it. It was horrible, and I can't even see a child enjoying this one. I was hoping for something more along the lines with Jurassic Park, or a good dinosaur documentary. Instead, I wound up with this snore-inducing atrocity.  Since I have no way to warn the next person who goes to Redbox and rents it, I decided to include a note, and a dollar with it to hopefully make their soon-to-be regrettable DVD rental, a bit more tolerable. 

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