Thursday, February 11, 2010

Better is one day in your courts than 1000 elsewhere....

That is a line from a song that has been running through my head all evening.

Today my beautiful grandmother, Nannie, passed away around 10:30pm. She had been ill for quite a while and God saw fit to call her home tonight. Never have I known a more radiant, strong, or inspirational woman like my grandmother. She was the true definition of strength and perseverance. In her life she knew struggles and joys. She was blessed with 2 children and more grandchildren and great grandchildren than she could keep track of! She considered all of her family members precious treasures and always had a big hug and a funny joke for all of us. She taught me what it means to have faith and to stay strong. I could confide in her things that I couldn't tell to anyone else. She always knew how to make me laugh and smile.

As saddened as I am that she has passed on, I take comfort knowing that she is no longer in pain or suffering. She is at peace. I want to celebrate her life and her new home in heaven. She now has a new heavenly body (and a new arm/hand!) and she gets to see her precious Savior, her mother that she never had a chance to know (my great grandmother passed away when Nannie was little), brothers and sisters, her husband, and countless other friends and family members that she has longed to see for a long time. It brings a smile to my face to know that she is reunited with them and looking down on all of us right now.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my precious grandmother:

               Nannie, Mom, and I at Christmas 2009

My mom and Nannie at Christmas 2009

Nannie and her great grandson, Isaac, dancing away the night

Like Mother, Like Daughter (both had their eyes closed)

Nannie being silly and closing her eyes again

Mom, Kimmy, Nannie

Nannie and Me

Beautiful Nannie!

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