Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Secret Is Out: The Man Can Cook!!

Jack and I will celebrate our 1yr anniversary soon (May 18th)! In the past year we've had an amazing time falling in love, sharing lots of laughs, and learning new things about each other. One established fact in our relationship is that I'm "the cook". I love to cook and enjoy it thoroughly; I'm always trying out new recipes and making Jack sample them (he loves that!). Until this week though, I never knew he could cook (aside from making boxed mac & cheese). Friday night was a sweet surprise! I finished up my first week of clinicals on Friday and left the hospital around 10:30 absolutely starving for dinner! When I stopped by the condo to visit Jack for a while, he had a full dinner ready for us! How sweet is that?? He made some delicious chicken parmesan and homemade garlic/basil toast. It was very good too!

                             Proof he can cook a great meal!

Chicken Parmesean

Yummy garlic basil toast!

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