Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today (well, technically yesterday since it's now after midnight) was officially my first day of clinicals (Respiratory Therapy)! If today was any indication of my future career, I couldn't be happier with my choice! I love it; I love the people I'm working with and the kind staff at the hospital where I'm at! :)

So far, I think that the evening shift gets a good bit of action too! Although we had a little down time tonight at certain points, we were on the go for the most part. Today (under the watchful eye of my sweet preceptors) I got to: preform 13 breathing treatments, observe a bronchoscopy on a post-op patient, assist one of my preceptors with an arteral blood gas draw, and learned how to check the charts & run the ABG machine. It was soo fun!! I am excited to see what happens during the rest of my clinical time and can't wait to learn more with each new shift! I'm also hoping that I learn my way around the hospital quickly; it's easy to get lost there!

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