Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pull Up Your Pants People!!

I'm not typically the type to complaine about clothing. However, there is one "trend" that drives me crazy: saggy pants down past the butt! What the hell?? Is it really necessary to have your pants down to your knees people? I understand not wanting to wear tight pants or uncomfortable clothing, but if you have to reach down every five seconds to pull up your pants, there is a good chance that you may need to reconsider your clothing size. It's time to find proper fitting clothes if your butt is not covered when you're in public Are we really turning into a society full of individuals who enjoy going around showing off their thongs, muffin tops, tighty-whities, boxers, and cracks to everyone??? Why even bother putting pants on if they're not going to cover the parts they were intended for when you're away from home?

Take the other day for instance, I went to buy gas for my car. As I was standing in line, there was a man in the front of the line checking out. As far as I know, he could be the most kind person in the world so I'm not knocking him for his personality, however, I would just like it if he covered his bare a$$ in public!  His pants were already exceptionally baggy and low, and then he leaned over to pay for his purchases, and down the pants went! Did he pick them up??? NOPE! He continued his conversation with the clerk, unphased that his a$$ was exposed to EVERYONE  behind him. He was clearly not wearing anything under his pants eithor! I saw much more than I needed to that early in the morning! Oh yeah people, we're talking a full early morning peep show at the Shell station! You would think that the guy needed a belt right? Here is the kicker, he was wearing a belt! I would like to point out that belts do nothing for your pants if your pants and your belt do not fit right! I'm not advocating spending unholy amounts of money on clothing or dressing like Steve Urkel; I'm just saying, pull up your pants and dress appropriately when you go out in public! If you want to be a nudist in your own home, that's awesome. Go home and be the most happy naked person on the face of the earth, or dress however you would like. If you plan to go out in public though, please pull up your pants people! Plumbers crack is NEVER sexy!

~ Ok, I'm stepping off of my soapbox now! ~

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