Monday, March 8, 2010

I Was Tagged---10 Things That Make Me Happy!!!

I was tagged by the lovely Erica for this! These are the rules: List 10 things that make you happy and link back to the person who tagged you and ten others.

1.) My relationship with God. I love knowing that He is always there for me in every facet of my life. That's such an amazing gift!

2.) Giraffes!! (They Fascinate Me!)

3.) My family & wonderful friends- I love them all to pieces and enjoying spending time with them! They help make my life complete. / I also cherish my relationship with my boyfriend Jack!! After dealing with the pain that comes with an abusive/unfaithful ex husband and a horrible divorce, I pretty much gave up on the dream of ever finding the right man. All of my friends/family told me that when I least expected it, God would bring the right man into my life. They were right! Jack is the most incredable man I've ever known and never fails to make me smile or feel loved. I cherish each new day I get to spend with him in my life, and look foward to our first anniversary in May!! :)

4.) Magazines. I've collected Cosmopolitan's since I was 17 and always look foward to each new issue. It's something simple, but it is always filled full of interesting articles, beauty tips, and cute dinner ideas. I look foward to my new issue every month! (I also love Red Book, O (oprah) Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Glamour, Marie Claire, and many more - yes, I love magazines!)

5.) Cooking!! I love to cook and I'm always trying out new recipes. For me, it's a great way to try out new recipes and throw away the worries of the day and concentrate on something fun. I also like to prepare healthy meals instead of eating fast food. (Giada de Laurentiis is my muse)

6.) My animals. They are my "fluffy children" and are such blessings! I love watching all of the unique personalities and quirks that each of them have. Every day, whether it's a good day or a bad day, they are always there to geet me and make me laugh.

  -Hagan (German Shepherd) is my goofball and my guardian all rolled into one. I rescued Hagan on the day he was set to be euthanized at Memphis Animal Services. He was heartworm positive, had 2 severly infected puncture wounds (because they were untreated, his entire body was in septic shock), he weighed only 48lbs and was severely emaciated, had a massive URI infection, was aggressive, and nobody wanted to give him a chance. I thought he deserved better.He has since made a full recovery and has progressed quite well with his training. I'm soo happy I adopted my sweet boy!
  -Velvet- she was the first cat that I ever adopted and I have had her since I was 11 yrs old. She is my sweetheart and if there is such a thing as a furry "soulmate", she's it. She knows when I'm sick, she knows when I need a hug (yes, she gives hugs), and she's always there to make me smile. :)

 - Isabella- she was abused horrifically before I adopted her. It took me months to even get her to where I could pet her or get her to play. Now my gorgeous girl is always chirping away at me and making me laugh.

  - Kojak- I rescued him and his and his brothers when they were only a few days old. They had ringworm,   coccidia, feline herpes, URI, and were not expected to live. With a little love and around the clock bottle feedings & meds, they all made full recoveries and all of them found amazing homes. When it was time to put Kojak up for adoption though, I just couldn't part with him. He's now my best buddy!
 -My fishtanks...oh how I love to watch my beautiful fish swim around and have fun!! :)

7.) Claude Monet paintings. Is there anything more beautiful than the way he could capture a beautiful image in his mind and then paint it for the rest of the world to see?? I would love to travel one day to see his gardens at Giverny! I have several replicas of his paintings and I love them all!

8.) Clinicals- I love helping my patients and learning new things each shift! I also enjoy hearing the "Go to Sleep" tune play at the hospital during my shift. They play it evertime a new baby is born, and it always makes me smile! :) (When I'm on my way to the cardiac floor, I love sneaking a peek through the nursery windows at the newborns all swaddled in their blankets as I pass by L&D. Totally makes my day! I can't wait to finish my degree so I can work woth those beautiful infants!)

9.) Fried Pickles & Ranch Dressing (No, I'm not pregnant, I just happen to like that combination!) / I also love "white wedding cake supreme's" from Jerry's Sno Cones..1 word for them - AMAZING!

10.) Floral Design- I've been a lisenced florist since I was 17 years old, and still enjoy designing whenver I have the time! :) Designing is an amazing excuse to be creative and have fun using your imagination!

(P.S. Annie, consider yourself tagged!)


  1. I love your list lydia! haha... and yes, I remember seeing the huge stack of cosmos when we were painting your bathroom! haha. love you chica!... bring your scrubs by the house, so I can hem em!

  2. Thanks gorgeous! Glad you had fun reading it! I'm looking foward to reading your list too (hint hint). Yes, you know all about my obsession with Cosmo lol!! What can I say, I'm a Cosmo girl through and through! :)

    Ya! I'm excited about the thought of having scrub pants that fit!! Love you girl!