Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ya for new scrubs!!!

Most people that know me know one thing in particular...I am short. It's a pretty obvious thing. ;)

That being said, finding pants that fit can be a royal nightmare for me! When I first started back to school, we recieved 4 sets of scrubs. (of course, "men's" scrubs!) Needless to say, mine have NEVER fit me right. Now that I'm in clinicals, it's even more of an issue as I'm constantly running around in scrubs that don't fit right. The top is always too tight (umm hello, women have breasts!) and the bottoms were literally soo big on me that they were tied as tight as I could get them and were still up to my bra. Nevermind me having to roll the bottom of the pants 3 times on each leg to keep from walking all over them. (yes, I still need to get them hemmed!)

Yesterday Landau was having a sale on all of their scrubs, so I figured it was time to pay them a visit! I'm soo glad that I did! I wound up with 4 new pairs of pants that fit perfectly (aside from needing a few inches hemmed off of the bottom) and new tops as well! It's soo great to finally have clothes that fit properly!

(For those of you in the Memphis area that work in the medical field, I believe that Landau will be having that sale until the 27th, so definitely check it out! EVERYTHING is 10% off in the entire store, but there's also tons of tops and bottoms for only $9.99...you can't beat that! :) )

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