Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Big News: I'm Moving!!!

I decided to keep things quiet until I signed on the dotted line and everything was official. As of today, it's official:
            I'M MOVING!!!! 

          (**I'm also currently doing a happy dance!!**)

The answered prayers that I was refering to in my previous post on the 14th was in reference to this move. I wanted to keep thing quiet until I knew that everything was squared away and 100% certain. I am simply astounded by all of the answered prayers that have taken place recently. Everything is just falling into place right now and that is such a huge blessing!! I signed the lease on my new apartment today and I will be going in the morning to pick up the keys! Ya!!!

It is a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment (all I need) and I have to say I love it!! It is MUCH safer than where I am currently living, and it is also close to my friends and family members, my church, shopping, Jack, school, and the hospital where I'm currently doing my clinical rotation. It's such a blessing! I can officially start moving in tomorrow! (Realistically though, most of my moving will not be able to take place until late Friday night/the upcomming weeekend. I have a lab in the morning at school, clinicals tomorrow night, and a respiratory care seminar and test on Friday. Since my schedule is soo hectic right now, most of the moving will take place this weekend with the help of some very sweet people! That being said though, I have EVERY intention of taking a few small things to the apartment after clinicals tomorrow night, just because I can haha!

I feel soo blessed right now. God really does work in amazing ways when we put our faith in Him! Here are a few pictures of the new place! I will take plenty more when I have a chance to move things in and get situated!

Outside view of one of the units (this one isn't mine, but mine looks identical)

There are endless trees in the complex! I love the scenery!

A few pictures of one of the many walking trails Hagan and I will be visiting daily!

View of one of the lakes...this place is soo beautiful and such a blessing! I'm still in shock that I will have the blessing of living here.

A few pictures of the kitchen! (I am SOOO excited about having a dishwasher! Ya for not having to wash dishes by hand anymore!! Washing my hands umteenthoushand times a day at the hospital is enough!)

(If you look close, you can see the cute details on the cabinet doors)

Umm I'm in LOVE with the pantry! (this picture is aweful and doesn't do it's MASSIVE! Ya for a little bit of storage space!!)
Pictures of the bathroom

Laundry Area!

View of the patio (sorry the picture isn't the best...I'll take a better one!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the patio!! I predict lots of studying out on this lovely little patio with Hagan by my side!)

It comes with a real fireplace!!! (Which I seriously have never used one before! Tips??) I'm thinking of adding a mantle/shelf above it and decorating around it to make a nice focal point! I can paint anything I want to in the apartment, so I might come up with a cute idea for an accent wall. We'll see!!)

           Another view of the living room (the scenery outside of the window is lovely!!)

Ya for a great gym area!!! This will be awesome for my heart condition & for loosing some weight! Once again, what a massive blessing!!

Another picture of the gym area and Jack's head (he was checking out the gym area with me lol)

That's it for now! When I go back I will be sure to take more pictures! Feel free to post any tips or decorating ideas! :)



  1. So happy for you!!! Remember I'm just around the corner if you need anything!! love you!!