Monday, May 24, 2010

Going the extra mile...

Today I realized just how awesome it is when someone "goes the extra mile" to do something thoughtful for someone else. I'll open by saying that I am soo thankful to have such wonderful neighbors in my new apartment complex. Everyone looks out for everyone here, and it is great to know that people genuinely care about each other. This afternoon (after I had quite a rough day) one of my sweet neighbors really went the extra mile to show kindness when they didn't have to. One guy walked all the way from his complex to my apartment (all the way on the other side) just to bring me my mail that the mailman had accidently put in his box instead. It was just really touching to me that someone that was practically a stranger would go out of their way to do the right thing, when it would have been much easier to have not taken the time to do so. I thanked my neighbor for being soo thoughtful and told him how much I appreciated him bringing my mail to my door instead of putting it back in the "outgoing mail" box- which would have been much easier.

In addition to that one neighbor, I have a complex full of ladies that are absolutely wonderful (that a couple in the apartment across from me that always make me laugh)! They are always asking how my day is or if I need anything. They've been soo helpful too- When I first moved in they gave me the best suggestions as far as making sure everything was taken care of around my apartment/etc. All of this has got me thinking about how greatful I am for good neighbors. They really are a blessing! 

So, my charge for the day to all of my lovely blog readers- Go the extra mile for someone, even if it's a stranger! It ment a lot to me that my one neighbor brought my mail to me and "went the extra mile" to show kindness. My goal for this week is to go out of my way to show kindness to someone else and to "pay it foward" so to speak. I hope all of you will try that as well! :)

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  1. good idea!! glad you have some sweet neighbors!!