Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Moments (Random Musings)

Today was quite lovely outside! The sun was shining most of the day and I thought it was teriffic that there were no blaring tornado sirens this afternoon like I had become accustom to hearing over the weekend! It was quite nice outside! :)

This morning was my very last day of RT 201. I am SOOO thankful that I never have to deal with that hussy of a horrid teacher ever again! Praise the Lord!! The highlight of my morning was filling out the the teacher review for this semester.l got to anonymously let them know exactly what I thought about her teaching (or lack there of- she failed about half of our class!) I am very thankful that my teacher for next session is sweet and very approachable! I am off for the rest of this week on "vacation." I start class back again next Monday, and then I start my second clinical rotation on Tuesday. I am quite pleased about that as well- I got everything that I requested! (Same hopsital- I LOVE it there!, Same shift (evenings), and I'll be with my two favorite classmates again- Kendra & Kendall!) I am soo excited! The only difference is that now I will be working in the Intensive Care Unit on the venitlator patients/etc instead of doing as much on the floor. It will be challenging, but fun! Hopefully I will be able to help a lot of people.

In other news, little Ranger got neutered today. He did very well with his surgery and is resting on his doggy bed with his favorite stuffed animal at the moment.. He also looks quite goofy with the huge e-collar around his little fluffy head ! Poor pathetic puppy! 

Tonight Jack is taking me out to dinner (not sure where yet, he wouldn't tell me haha!) It's the 1 yr anniversary of our first day, so that is exciting! :) We went to Abuelo's on our first date and I remember thinking how cute he was the entire time we had our meal! It's been such a blessed year with him! I'm definitely looking forward to our official 1 year anniverary on May 18th (when he asked me out and we made it official that we were dating.) He's been such a blessing in my life and I'm definitely soo greatful for him!


  1. sweet post!! enjoy your week off!!! And your playlist is awesome, girl!! love you!

  2. Thanks gorgeous girl! Love you too!