Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our First Anniversary!

This week Jack and I celebrated our 1yr anniversary (May 18). We celebrated on Monday night since our official anniversary was yesterday when I would be at the hospital all night doing clinicals.

It was such a wonderful day! Jack picked me up Monday in the antique convertible he and his grandad share and then he suprised me with a beautiful yellow calla lily plant (for my patio garden), an adorable stuffed puppy, and a beautiful card. Ranger, my sweet new Australian Shepherd puppy was my "big" anniversary gift, but Jack gave the sweet pup to me a little early since he was ready to come home the week of Easter. :)
After all of Jack's sweet suprises for me, he had one more in store! Even though I asked him where we were going about a half dozen times (can you blame me for trying haha??), he refused to tell me where he was driving me to! I knew it he had something special in mind though. He wound up driving me to my favorite Japanese resturant and we had a beautiful dinner together! It was soo special to sit across the table from the man I love and to know how much he loved me as well. God is good!

When we finished with dinner, Jack asked me if I thought icecream sounded good. (Yes!). We decided to make a fun night of it and to include some of my nieces/nephews. We picked them up from my sister's house and we all went out to Sheridan's for icecream. It was soo much fun! Everyone had a great time, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate such a nice day. I love that Jack not only thinks about sweet little ways to make me happy, he also includes my family and loved ones! Everyday I learn something new and amazing about him, and everyday I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing, God-fearing man. He treats me like a queen and always tells me how much he loves me. Jack always knows how to make me smile when I've had a tough day, he always knows how to make me laugh, and he is always there for me when I need him. I love that I am completly happy with him whether we're sitting on the couch watch our favorite tv shows, hanging out with our friends, or going to church with our families. I definitely cherish the gift of our relationship. Some of my friends/readers may know a little background on what I went through before I met Jack and why this 1yr milestone with this exceptional man is such a blessing to me. For those of you who do not know, I will elaborate more on my story of surviving domestic abuse another day. For now though, it's time to celebrate the wonderful relationship that God has been soo gracious to bless me with! :)

Here are a few pictures I took of the sweet yellow calla lily plant, card, and "puppy" from Jack. He is always soo thoughtful. :)

A Few pictures from our first year together! A few are out of order, but I was able to put general dates on most of them. It's been an amazing year! I'm truly blessed! :

Our first picture together: July 9, 2009. Jack took me flying for the first time. Best date EVER!

Jack came to dinner with me & my fellow RT students to celebrate us passing our term!

(First term celebration!)
(Second term celebration!)
Me & Jack last October
Halloween (when we changed out of our costumes). He thought it would be funny to scare me and shave his beard off...keep in mind I had never seen him without one before!

The two of us celebrating Jack's birthday


Me & Jack at my niece Taylor's 15th birthday party

Jack & I after the TSO concert (Dec 2009)
The two of us at Boscoe's

Germantown Christmas Parade 2009 (we got drenched, but it was soo fun!)
Christmas Cookie Bake 2009 with my family
Me & Jack celebrating my friend Jonathan's birthday with everyone (Fall 2009)
blurry Christmas pictures we took at his mom's house (2009)

Me & Jack (Feb. 2010)
The two of us at my nephew Isaac's 14th birthday party
The two of us trying to get a cute picture of us with Ranger...Ranger didn't want to take a picture haha

The two of us this past Sunday night- I love him! :)
Celebrating our first anniversary! (a day early)


  1. that was soo sweett!! love you girl!! So happy and joyful God blessed you will a great man :)

  2. Thankyou Annie! You know better than most exactly what I went through before Jack. It's just such an amazing blessing to have him in my life! I'm definitely glad that God blessed both of us with good men like Jack and Roo!