Friday, May 28, 2010

My Masterpiece!!

After I got out of clinicals tonight, I decided to attempt to assemble the new cat tree that was delivered this week. The kitties needed something for them to hang out on (that did NOT include my furniture). When I picked it up from my leasing office this morning it was soo heavy that it took me and the maintance man (bless his heart!) to get it into my car! Not only was the box insanely large, but the thing weighed a ton! When I got home from clinicals tonight, I decided to go ahead and attempt to assemble it. It took me about 20 minutes to get that box out of my car and to drag it into my apartment- definitely got my workout for the night!

An hour later, lots and lots of cursing, tons of elbow grease, and 3 happy cats- I did it all by myself! Ya!! (Did I mention that it's taller than me so I spent half of the time on a step stool trying not to fall over while I attempted to asseble the blasted thing?!?!) My work paid off though, and I eventually got it finished!

Here are a few pictures of my "masterpiece"!! (I believe Velvet approves ;) )


  1. Wow that is quite a cat tree! I have a dog that would love that... he's very cat like. Lol, good job on the assembly!

  2. Thanks Erica! It was a trip to assemble- definitely got a good workout!

    Ranger (puppy) keeps attempting to try out the cat tree too. Everytime he tries though, the cats just smack him upside the head and he gets his feelings hurt and sulks off haha. ;)