Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mini Update: Haircut, Birthdays,...

I've been absent from blogging for the last week (had a few issues with my heart), so here's a mini-update. On the 28th of July I got about 5 inches of my hair chopped off. It's been way too hot in Memphis to keep it as long as it was! I normally donate to Pantene's Beautiful Length's program, so the next haircut I get I will probably donate then. My hairdresser Brian and I have our own little tradition of taking pictures each time I visit, so here are the pictures from that (my hair was still a little damp):

Ranger decided to check out my new haircut too...

Thursday, the 29 of July was my 25 birthday, "niece" Cassie's 16th birthday, and my kitty Tommy's 9th birthday) The 29th is apparently a popular day for birthdays! Here are a few pictures from the festivities that day:

Jack, Me, & Ranger on my 25th birthday. Jack suprised me with two true white bettas (I collect bettas, so they are an incredably rare find!). He took me to lunch at Sakura since he had to work that night. After he got off of work, he showed up at my door with a dozen roses and a little icecream birthday cake.

White Bettas (before they went into their bigger tanks)

Me, Renae, and my momma at my 25th birthday dinner at O'Charley's

Cassie & Taylor enjoying their snocones! We had a little girls afternoon and made a trip to Jerry's Snocones to celebrate mine & Cassie's birthday! :) Cassie is one of my niece Taylor's best friends and my honoary "niece". We all 3 had a blast and enjoyed our WhiteWeddingCake Supreme's!
Me & Tommy on our Birthdays! He's 9 years old now!

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