Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Superpowers Anyone?

Have you ever wished you had a superpower? Sometimes I wish I had one! I'd wish for different ones according to the day. Today, I wish I had some sort of magical ability to reach through my cell phone and bitch slap the moron on the other end of the phone that works at Comcast! (Please excuse my langauge, my patience has been tried to say the least!)

Now keep in mind that I have always paid my bill in full and early every month for internet & cable. When I moved into my new apartment (a glorified 5 minutes down the road from my old one mind you) I was told I would be charge a $49.99 reconnect/transfer fee plus my normal rate for cable & internet. Fast foward this week to me recieving my statement that says I owe them almost 5x my normal monthly fee! EXCUSE ME?? I called them and explained to them in a polite manner that they overcharged me and that I need a manger to amend my bill to the correct amount. Almost an hour later, the "manager" is nowhere to be contacted and the heifer on the other end was anything but helpful and said it could take over a week for them to pull my paperwork! Hilarious since I had my copy of it in front of me and all of their documents are supposedly "computerizied"! Ugg!! Lets just say I got that bitch's nice lady's name and extension number and I fully plan to contact their cooproate office about this. If it's not resolved, I will be taking my business elsewhere! Comcast should seriously be ashamed about how they treat their customers. I have never had a problem before now, but I certainly never expected to be treated soo rudly. I could ALMOST understand had I been rude over the phone, missed a payment, or never paid ontime, however, I was polite despite restraing myself from calling the mornon on the other end every explicitive I could think of and instead, being kind, I also pointed out that I paid in full and early every month, and I have never missed a bill.

If that's the way Comcast treats their customers, I'm of a firm mindset that they can kiss my rear and I'll take business elsewhere! Nothing makes me want to shank a bitch more than  brightens up my day like being put on hold forever, talking to a rude staff member, and then still not having ANYTHING resolved and being told it may take over a week just to hear back from a manager! We'll see how long it takes to talk to a manger when I call the bozos at their corporate office and let them know about this! =)

Sorry about my rant. I'm sure ALL of you have experienced something similar at some point though and understand my frustration. It's days like this one where I really wish my "superpower" included the ability to reach through a cell phone and  smack some sense into someone!

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